Friday Musings: Childlike Heart

When I was a kid, I used to love riding my bike everywhere. It seemed like any destination I had became some sort of adventure and because of the great memories I had as a kid with bikes, I still long to relive some of those moments. Enter my bike toys. Check out these two items below. The one on the left is a motorcycle noise maker. The one on the right is called the Super Siren Bicycle Alarm, 3 Sound With Microphone.

As a young lad in the Philippines, only the cool kids had either one of those items. I remember one kid in my neighborhood had the motorcycle noise maker and because of it, I thought his bike was way better than mine. In fact I recall that we both had identical bikes, but because of the noise maker, his just felt more fun to ride!

Then there was the Super Siren — now this only the older kids had. It’s pretty cool, it runs off a 9 volt battery, you can use it as a PA or switch it to the various sirens: Ambulance, Fire or Police. When we’d play Cops and Robbers, only the kids with the Super Siren could play the cops and man…they were sooooo cool!

Fast forward 30+ years. I still love riding bicycles and because of the great memories I had with them, I want to own some of the items that I couldn’t afford as a kid. A few years ago, I started looking for those two items above, and I was amazed that I found both of them on for about $13 each. I’ve since installed them on my various bikes, yes including my commuter bikes. I’ll use the PA on the Super Siren to pretend I’m a cop as I’m rolling down the street, then I’ll rev up the noise maker so I don’t have to make the motorcycle sound with my mouth.

I gotta tell ya, not only is riding my bike practical, but it sure does help me feel like a kid! With the Super Siren and Noise Maker on my bikes, it just makes the whole riding experience so much better.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Ha ha…these are so cool!

    When we were little, my sister and I dabbled with playing cards and clothespins — fine-tuning them to get the most realistic motorcycle noises out of them. We used to play “CHiPs” a lot, but since she was older and much cooler, she always got to be Ponch while I was resigned to playing John.

  2. Skinny

    I had the motor cycle sound grip on my huffy when I was a kid.

  3. Elizabeth

    I had a yellow siren as a kid, too!!! (but mine did not have a microphone) Makes me want to get one now. I loved that siren. Ah… memories… and scaring my neighbors when I blasted the siren as a rode by. πŸ™‚

  4. Mike Myers

    I like the idea of the PA/siren. How loud is the PA?

  5. bigbenaugust

    I never got beyond the “cards in the spokes” stage. But a PA system would be nice… especially commuting. πŸ™‚

  6. Mir.I.Am

    I want sparkling handlebar tassles!!! Maybe it would look funny on road drops, though, ha!

  7. Ghost Rider

    @Mir — I rocked sparkle tassels on several bikes in the not-too-distant past. One was a turquoise beach cruiser plastered with Britney Spears stickers (we got it and 20 others at a police auction in Florida — a pickup-truck-load of bikes for $40). Ah, bliss…


    ChiPs! Thanks Ghost, for reminding me of how me and my best buddy practiced hand slaps on bikes ALL THE TIME. RL, I suspect you’re younger than I… although I recognize those toys, I don’t think we had ’em.

  9. RL

    I’m 35.

  10. BluesCat

    See, when I little, I was deprived. My folks got a black, three-speed bike as one of those “bonus items” with a living room suite. It was too big for me at the time, so my sister rode it for a little bit, and then “hand me downed” it to me when I did get big enough.

    If my Old Man had caught me ruining playing cards by putting them in the spokes of my bike, I wouldn’t have been able to sit in the saddle of it for a week!

    I wanted a Schwinn Stingray, (sigh) but the reply was always “Something the matter with the bike you DO have?”

    These days, I wish I DID have that old, black, three-speed. It had fenders, and a spring-loaded rear rack; perfect for commuting.

  11. Amanda

    That’s awesome!

    And not to be a party pooper, but be careful with the siren one. I know the laws in my state forbid any noisemakers that sound like sirens on any vehicle, including bikes, unless they’re owned by the police dept or another official department like that. Could be different where you live, but I know here they’re pretty strict about it.

  12. Steven Gray

    Awesome! I have loved cycling since forever! I am trying to introduce my nephew to the joys of cycling, just bought him a bike from So far he loves riding his bike!

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