Using Bike Commuting as a Form of Training

I started thinking, “why not use my bike commutes as a form of training?” I’m not sure if you all knew this, but I race downhill (mountain bikes) The Fontana Nationals will be happening in 3 weeks and I think I can get in enough training within that time to get into some sort of shape. I figure there are others out there that have used their bike commute as a way of getting fit. When I typically train for my races, I’ll use the spin bike in my living room, jog, walk and ride my Single Speed on the local mountain bike trail. For the most part that has worked for me.

But for some odd reason, I never thought of this, if I use my bike commutes for training, it could help me get the edge I’ve been needing. The way I figure it, if I incorporate sprint sessions from light to light and hills as well as taking longer, uninterrupted rides, then this should work, right? Now the tough decision to make, do I use my single speed commuter bike or my flat bar road bike?

My “distinguished” Single Speed Bike

My Fast Road Bike

Now with all this talk of training and riding bikes, not sure if any of you go through this, but right after I get off my bike I am RAVENOUS! I could eat a horse! So what I do is eat a protein bar right when I dismount. This helps me stay away from the junk food that might be at the office. We reviewed some protein bars by Purefit over at Super good stuff, keeps me full! you can get them at

So this leads me to the question, do any bike commuters out there use their commute as a form of physical training. If so, what sport? Do you have any recommendations on what type of supplements and etc to take to enhance my training?

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