Bike commuters in Kyrgyzstan!

Here’s a treat that warmed the cockles of our hearts — one of our limited-edition caps made it all the way to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan!

Ken at park

This handsome man is Ken Sturrock, who works for the U.S. State Department and is stationed in Bishkek — Ken’s a longtime personal friend and reader of Let it be said that our reach is truly worldwide!!!


  1. bigbenaugust

    Soo… how’s the cycling in Kyrgyzstan?

  2. A New Bike

    Cool photo, would have been nice to get an interview with his musician friend, though.

  3. Ken Sturrock

    The cycling in Kyrgyzstan pretty much sucks. The roads are truly awful and are in no way bicycle friendly. In an odd way though, the drivers are perhaps safer than in the United States because the roads are so chaotic and wild that the drivers MUST pay attention to everything (people, goats, busses, the occasional bicycle…) and cannot ever zone-out.

    As for the statue, it depicts Osmonkul Bolobalaev, who is a famous Kyrgyz folk singer/poet known as an “Akyn”. The tradition still exists today. The instrument is a typically Kygyz three stringed Komuz. People still learn to play the instrument and many children can be seen walking around town with their Komuz strapped to their backs after school. You can read about the Akyn tradition here:


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