Biking at Work, Too?

A recent Washington Post article highlights a couple ways to get exercise at work.  One of them is the ever-more-popular standing desk.  Another is the slightly-less-popular treadmill desk (most likely less popular since it requires, y’know, a treadmill… and those aren’t cheap!).

The FitDesk

The third is the Fitdesk (Amazon link), which allows you to pedal while you work away on a laptop (and folds up when you’re done).  I have yet to figure out how this would interface with a typical cubicle… but it’s an intriguing idea.  However, the Post article says us bikey people aren’t the target market:

Believing he had stumbled on a valuable training tool, [Ferrusi] tried marketing his idea to cyclists. They hated it. But fortunately for Ferrusi, others did not. “The truth is, that market has not warmed up to it as fast as everyone else,” Ferrusi told me. “The cyclist crowd, they’re self-motivated. This is a product for people who are not.”

What do you think?  Would a FitDesk fit in your life?  Would you rather pedal as you hunch over your laptop?  Or does this make biking seem too much like… work?

Via: Washcycle, Facebook page (via my wife, who thought I should get a FitDesk)


  1. Paul G

    Good idea for some, but for me it may get used until the novelty wore off. I’m bad about using exercise equipment. That’s why commuting is so great. It gives me a routine and a destination. I only have to have enough motivation to get half way to work (3.5 miles) and then I’m guaranteed to go another 10.5 for the day. I also get to be outside with fresh air and everything around stimulating the senses.

  2. BluesCat

    Uh, there are certain folks in my office who think I’m a little nuts for bike commuting.

    If they were to see me riding THIS thing they would have all the ammunition they needed to enable my employer to force feed me meds!

  3. Chris

    That’s kind of funny – but I’ve already got a folding bike, and it’s one that actually goes places. If you’re riding hard enough to get a work out, I also don’t know that such a contraption would be appropriate for work.

  4. bigbenaugust

    I’d be too inclined to upshift and drop the laptop. 🙂

  5. Matt

    BluesCat –

    Does your employer happen to have a really good long-term disability plan?? If so, something to think about… 😉

  6. Kevin

    I’m a freelance writer, so I thought I’d give the FitDesk a try… ordered it last week and it’s supposed to arrive later this week. Check back with me in a few weeks and I’ll let you know if the FitDesk worked out or if it became a coat rack.

  7. Graham

    As much as I love bicycling to my destinations, I think that this would be singularly frustrating to me. All that pedaling would just make me think more fondly of the sights I’m NOT seeing while I’m stuck grading papers!

  8. BluesCat

    Matt – Hey, now THERE’S an idea. I could commute to a cute therapist rather than a crummy old desk!

    Cute Therapist to BluesCat Employer: “I’m sorry, but as delightful a patient as he is, Mr. Cat has shown NO sign of improvement. He actually rode his bike right into my office today, kissed me on the cheek and said ‘Good morning, Good Looking!

    “I believe he will be unfit for work for quite a while yet.”

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