A Special Place in My Heart For Toe Clips

When I was about 12 years old, I saved up $100 to buy my first “real” road bike. My step-brother Dan introduced me to the world of cycling and soon after, I was hooked. Being 12 years old, I couldn’t afford fancy LOOK clipless pedals. So this meant that I got my start into bicycling by using traditional to clips and straps. Fast forward to my adult life, I found that I really enjoy using toe clips!
I guess it always brings me back to when I first started bicycling. It reminds me that every time I get on my bicycle, it’s an adventure. Some may not like them, but if you know how to properly use toe clips and straps, they are just as efficient as clipless pedals.

What about you folks? Are you still riding with toe clips?


  1. Michael

    I like the clips, too.
    But I use the pin type bmx pedals on most of my bikes and like them for the grippiness and ability to have more foot positions for long rides.

  2. Brian Gee

    Mmm…I commute in leather-soled dress shoes, so, no.

  3. 2whls3spds

    Yup, most of my bikes have toe clips or at least half clips. I tried clipless pedals, but didn’t see the point for my style of riding.

    @Brian Gee…half clips with leather covers 😉


  4. Rachel

    Yes! I agree with you on the Toe Clips! I started out with them, mucked around with special riding shoes for a while, and now I’m back to the toe clips and straps.

    As most of my rides are around town, I found that special biking shoes were often more hassle than they were worth.

    However you ride, happy riding!

  5. Phillinois

    since 1973 bro!

  6. JohnnyK

    I love toe clips for the same as most. You can just jump on your bike and go. You don’t have to go change your shoes or anything. Grant it on long rides I do wear cycling specific shoes with the stiff soles to keep my foot from trying to wrap around the pedals. However for shorts rides to the corner store I just wear whatever I have on at the moment.

  7. Dan

    My road bike has the toe clips, but my main ride has big flat platform pedals. Like Brian above, I’m wearing dressy work shoes during my commute in, or maybe some sneaks on the way home.

  8. bigbenaugust

    I ride with clips, If only so I can ride across campus in office shoes after commuting in either cycling shoes or sandals. But all of my bikes have them.

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