Here’s an idea for retailers of any type.

Ok so here’s something that has been floating around in my head. Retailers should offer some sort of discount to customers if those customer were to ride their bike to their store. I figured this would be great for coffee shops, restaurants, movie theaters, bike shops, ice cream parlors and the like. Heck — even bicycle shops should offer some sort of discount for riding your bike to the shop! When I worked at a shop, most of the clientele who brought bikes in for service or just to shop, drove in. Then again, I live in Southern California, the car capital of the U.S.
But I digress. People love discounts, and it has been proven in my line of work that if you “take care” of your customers, they are more likely to be loyal to your brand. I suppose the challenge of executing something like this would be the effectiveness of the “discount.” I would imagine that in places where there is a saturated amount of cyclists/commuters, this would work.

Any thoughts? Do you know of a place that does something like this?

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