Late last week, I tweaked a muscle in my lower back. I hoped it would be all better the next morning – but I almost fell over getting out of bed.  I had no choice – I couldn’t even get on my bike, let alone ride it anywhere.  I gingerly eased into my car, and collapsed in my chair at work upon arrival.  I’m still healing now – several days later – and I haven’t been on a bike in all that time.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to get to work – either taking our car or having my wife drop me off – though not without some anguish, since our weather’s been pretty nice!

This isn’t the first time this has happened – I broke a wrist in college and was off my bike for nearly a year (yep, I REALLY broke it!). I also sprained my wrist last May (when my wife was 8 months pregnant – yeah, she appreciated me not being able to lift anything!). Again, I was able to figure out getting to work between taking the car some days, getting dropped off and picked up on others – but it was tough! I don’t work far from where I live, but driving and biking are the only real ways to get there and back.

So I’m curious – am I alone in this, or do the rest of you injure yourselves from time to time as well?  How do you get where you need to go when you can’t bike?   Do you always have a backup plan – or is a day you can’t bike a day you can’t work?