Cycle Ladies and Gents… time to get PROFILED!

Hear Ye: Cycle Ladies and Gents!

Good day, my bicycle commuting ladies and gentlepeoples…  As a follow up to Elizabeth’s post today, Bike Commuters is still on the look out for more Commuter Profiles!  We want to hear from YOU.  Want to tell the world about your awesome two-wheeled steed, your beautiful commuting scenery, and how you are an all-around badass Cycle Lady or Cycle Gent?  Well, my friends, it’s time to sharpen up your quills and refill your ink wells – send us an email if you want to show some photos of your mug, your bike, and tell us about who YOU are.  We even have a lovely questionnaire template for each of you looking for your 15 seconds of bike soapbox fame!  Email info[at]bikecommuters[dot]com  if that’s what you’re into!

black bike ~ mug shot

Commuter Profile Series - Show us your mug!

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Bike monkey commuting in Honolulu, Hawaii - rain, shine, or tsunami! I don't have a car - if i did I would perpetuate Asian woman driver stereotypes.... so I stick to two wheels and bumming rides of friends, daBus, and the roomie's "Dingo" Jeep. Plus I am cheap (perpetuating other Chinese stereotypes) and green (perpetuating architectural obsession of this generation) and too lazy to work out a the gym! BIKES FOR LIFE!