Well… blow me down!

“Shiver me timbers!” and “well… blow me down!”

How fitting Popeye’s classic phrases were for my commute home tonight! Barely out the door, I set out into the blustery night and very nearly got swept up and away by the cyclonic winds literally whipping me around… and then I very nearly sailed into a parked police SUV and suddenly got flung (nearly) back out into traffic. Keeping the rubber side down and keeping from crashing were my two foremost concerns … and I could barely do either. Finally at a stop light, I withstood some more wind… and finally safely dismounted my bike and walked the block to the next light. By then I knew I would be out of the wind tunnel and more safely able to navigate my way home on two wheels.

I’ve posted before of the joy of winds at my back to push me home, while RL has posted about how “headwinds suck.” And Jack answered the question about fighting the wind. My tips for commuting in gale force winds were even posted on LGRAB. Tonight my route definitely worked against me (at least in sections) but my outer layer (my hi-vis yellow Endura commuter jacket) blocked that chilly wind from whipping straight through me. And I had no shame in walking when I knew it was safest.

Good thing I ate some spinach today! That guy Popeye was on to something.


  1. John

    Yeah I can relate, on my way home back from work yesterday I faced a 22 mph head wind on about a consistent 2% grade uphill for 13 miles… whew. But still feeling good today. I resisted the urge to ride to work this morning in order to give my body a brief rest and recovery and then hope to get back on the saddle in the morning for a 13 mile ride. Oh yes and today I found the cup holder I’ve been looking for so I can stop and get a large black coffee for a buck in the morning at McDonalds.

  2. Guy

    Love riding in the spring. Only problem is the winds that kick up.

  3. BluesCat

    I’ve seen more wind in Phoenix this Spring than I can remember in a long time. Since I ride a recumbent most of the time, it doesn’t affect me as much when I’m in the saddle. What DOES bother me is all the pollen it stirs up. Phoenix has almost a 365-days-per-year growing season anymore. I wash my face several times a day, almost as much as an obsessive compulsive.

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