Not your average commuter bike

For those of you who are weekend warriors, or bike commuting athletes, do you use your “race bikes” to commute with? Take for example this beautiful machine; it’s the Ridley Dean RS.
The intended use for this bicycle would be triathlons, and time trials. But I know a person who uses it to commute with. His reasoning for using the bike, “I want to be comfortable on this bike in any riding condition.” He’s taken it to work, the grocery store and for beer runs.

I actually had the same type of mentality when it came to my downhill bike, though it was cumbersome to pedal around. I made sure I rode it as much as I can on the street just to make sure I was familiar with the bike in every way possible.

I can only assume there are some of you out there that do this type of riding. Maybe you don’t do it all the time, but at least a few days a week? Perhaps the whole race bike as your commuter just isn’t for you. For the longest time, my daughter and I used our tandem to commute to and from school. We even used it for mountain biking.

What about you? Do you use a commuter bike, that is somewhat unique like the Ridley Dean RS, a unicycle or even a tricycle?

**By the way, if you plan on using your race bikes or any bike for that matter, make sure you have a decent lock with you. There are some lock brands out there that have some sort of anti-theft guarantee up to a certain dollar amount.

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