Not your average commuter bike

For those of you who are weekend warriors, or bike commuting athletes, do you use your “race bikes” to commute with? Take for example this beautiful machine; it’s the Ridley Dean RS.
The intended use for this bicycle would be triathlons, and time trials. But I know a person who uses it to commute with. His reasoning for using the bike, “I want to be comfortable on this bike in any riding condition.” He’s taken it to work, the grocery store and for beer runs.

I actually had the same type of mentality when it came to my downhill bike, though it was cumbersome to pedal around. I made sure I rode it as much as I can on the street just to make sure I was familiar with the bike in every way possible.

I can only assume there are some of you out there that do this type of riding. Maybe you don’t do it all the time, but at least a few days a week? Perhaps the whole race bike as your commuter just isn’t for you. For the longest time, my daughter and I used our tandem to commute to and from school. We even used it for mountain biking.

What about you? Do you use a commuter bike, that is somewhat unique like the Ridley Dean RS, a unicycle or even a tricycle?

**By the way, if you plan on using your race bikes or any bike for that matter, make sure you have a decent lock with you. There are some lock brands out there that have some sort of anti-theft guarantee up to a certain dollar amount.


  1. RSN

    I don’t race, though I do a lot of decent-speed distance riding (e.g. BikeMS and 50-mile-plus weekend rides) in the summer. I use my Trek Pilot 2.1 for that and for commuting. It’s got a mix of Ultegra and 105 components for the speedy stuff, but a more relaxed geometry, carbon fork/stays, and long-reach brakes (I can put up to 28mm tires on it, I think) mean it works for commuting too. My 6.5 mile commute takes under 25 minutes.

    I do have a 25-year-old refurbished steel mountain bike for bad weather, though.

  2. Ghost Rider

    I don’t race, but I do periodically use a “race bike” to commute with…mostly out of the desire to mix it up and keep my commute fresh. On days I don’t have much to carry, or if I want to go on a group “training ride” after work, this makes sense. As a daily ride, though, race bikes are so limiting as to their versatility that I have a hard time imagining using them as my do-all bike.

  3. Sean

    Sometimes it’s not practical to own two bikes (budget or space limitations, for example.) I used to live in Seattle, and I commuted on my race bike. Since my commute was 40 miles round trip, it also served as the lion’s share of my training. For me, it made sense to combine commuting and training. Eventually I saved up to by the obligatory (for Pacific Nothwesterners, anyway) rainbike and used that to commute simply to save wear and tear on my eace bike, and to have a different riding experience.

  4. locus

    I rode in this morning on my Surly Big Dummy cargo bike, dropping my two kids off at Elementary School on the way. It’s become an incredible resource for my one-car family here in DC.

    My other ride is a Jamis Coda which I take on days where I’m not in charge of school drop-off/pick-up.

  5. BluesCat

    I don’t ride race bikes, I just have never been comfortable on those skinny little saddles.

    As for “unique rides,” I don’t think you could get much more unique than my main commuter, my ’08 Sun EZ Sport CX: Bluetiful.

  6. Ghost Rider

    @Sean — I hear you about it not being practical to own more than one bike, but I counter that with this: that’s what kitchens, dining rooms, backyard tarps, shadetrees and agreeable spouses are for! In my old house in Florida, I had bikes stashed everywhere (all the aforementioned places and a few more). Luckily, my wife was cool about it…or at least she kept her opinions to herself.

  7. Micheal M.

    I was just having a conversation about this with myself the other day. I’ve been in the market for an upgrade/change/different main commuting bike primarily because I want to start getting comfortable with a different geometry and decrease my commute time. My current bike is a hybrid with all sorts of bells and whistles (disc breaks, back rack, internal gear hub, front light with generator, etc.) that makes it weigh a ton. I’ve been toying with the idea of switching to a bare essentials race-type bike because I want the road/TT riding geometry and I’d like to think it will cut down my commute time (the route is 13-10 miles one way, depending on traffic and detours I have to take). These comments have definitely given me pause for thought.

  8. Guy

    I commute on an 2010 GT Avalanche 2. Not fast but feels good.

  9. Nick Tucker

    The Missus usually commutes on a racing tricycle, although at the moment, the roads being a bit troublesome due to earthquake damage, she’s back on two wheels. From Tuckers in New Zealand 2006-7

  10. Nick Tucker
  11. Ghost Rider

    There’s a bigger one of Lynn’s sweet trike here:

  12. Doug Grosjean

    I commute on (in) a streamlined recumbent bicycle:

    I don’t race, but when I ride with racers, I’m among the fastest riders, due to the streamlining.

    Purchased specifically for its commuting speed, to make longer commutes practical by bicycle.

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