Ride of Silence Honor Roll… We Ride Next Wednesday, May 16

Dear fellow cyclists,

This year 2012 marks the 10th annual Ride of Silence (always the third Wednesday in May).

As the annual Ride of Silence approaches — next Wednesday night, May 16, 2012 for most communities — let’s take a moment now to reflect why we ride in silence and for whom.

We ride in silence on this one night each year in unity with cyclists around the world to silently assert our right to share the road. We make a “loud” statement to motorists in communities worldwide. We also ride to honor the fallen cyclists no longer with us; the Ride of Silence serves as a rally that advocates for the living friends and family of victims, as well as a celebration of those who incorporate the bicycle into their lifestyle. We ride slowly and silently with the hope to end the tragedy on our roads.

Below is a form. Please fill it out if you have lost someone to a cycling crash with a motorist or if you yourself have been injured and are a crash survivor:

I look forward to joining you in spirit, next Wednesday, May 16, 2012, for the Ride of Silence at 7 PM. Please join the Tweet-Up check-in night-of the Ride.

Ride of Silence = Right to Ride.

If you host a blog or know someone who does, I ask all fellow bike bloggers to help us make another “silent” statement before the night of the Ride Of Silence silent procession. Please re-post this exact post on your own blog asking the same of your readership (to fill out this form with the names of bicyclists they honor and remember and to please repost).

Let’s spread the reach of the 2012 Ride of Silence beyond these 2011 stats:
324 locations world wide,
50 U.S. States,
24 countries,
7 continents,
0 words spoken,
A million powerful memories

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