10 reasons Congress must save bike/ped funding

The following came from a press release issued by the League of American Bicyclists…entitled “Top 10 Reasons Congress Must Preserve Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs”:

“For the past 20 years, local elected officials have had access to state transportation funds through a handful of federal programs for bicycling and walking initiatives: Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements and Recreational Trails. They account for just 1.5 percent of the overall federal transportation bill and have all been heavily over-subscribed since their creation.

Despite the overwhelming success and popularity of these programs, House Republican leadership and a handful of influential Senators have waged an unexplained and inexplicable vendetta against these programs — not to save the government any money, just to prevent state or local governments spending their money on these specific programs and activities, removing any vestige of local control over transportation investments.

Here are our top ten reasons why members of Congress must reject these small-minded and vindictive attacks.


To read the list (including a couple of “surprises”…the U.S. Military supports Safe Routes to School? Wow!), please visit the LAB blog by clicking here.


  1. gf

    It should not be a surprise that the military supports safe routes to school. Anyone who has served active duty knows the following:

    Active military members are fitness minded
    On nearly every base you see many recreational, fitness, and transportation cyclists
    Military families encourage their kids to be active, outgoing and independent
    Frequent deployments mean owning/storing a car for months at a time is a big headache

  2. Ghost Rider

    Well, it was still a surprise to me — I had never really thought of the points you raised (despite the fact that my wife is active-duty military).

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