Ridekick Power Trailer

Ridekick Power Trailer is one of the newest sponsors to support Their product is this really cool trailer that can push a rider up to 19mph. Plus, it has a unique storage compartment that allows you to store just about anything that would fit in there.
Ridekick Power TRailer

Here’s a video that best describes what the Ridekick Power Trailer is.

I’ll be meeting with a Ridekick Power Trailer Associate in the near future to test out one of their units. They also need our votes so their business can be considered for a $250K grant that is sponsored by Chase Bank and LivingSocial. They need at least 175 more votes by the end of June to be considered. In order to vote, you must have a Facebook account. It takes about 30 seconds to vote for Ridekick.

Here’s how to vote:

1) Go to
2) Scroll down and click “Log In and Support”
3) Login (using your Facebook login and password)
4) Search business name: Ridekick International
5) Vote
6) Post on your Facebook wall to help spread the word!


  1. hermes

    I don’t go on many hills but the video definitely sold me! I know there is one client that I tend to that is at the top of the hill. I definitely could have used this when I was riding a fixed gear with a 48/16 gear ration.

  2. MRL

    What about when you are NOT on a hill? I’m torn. OTOH, my first reaction is “super cool.” OTOH, I think more and more “what a waste.” Torn.

  3. harry krishna

    excellent video. and style points for the helmet. only change i would make would be to move product intro to 4/1. it is a joke, right?

  4. Elizabeth

    Quite hefty piece of machinery there (75 lbs!) and only lasts 10-12 miles on full charge. That would only last me one way on some of my commutes.
    Still a good concept – plus the added storage capacity is nice.

  5. Max Power

    It’s nice to see that Shaggy still gets work after Scooby Doo was cancelled.

  6. Raiyn

    75 lbs unloaded? That’s a lot of dead weight to haul around when the battery dies.

  7. BluesCat

    Neat thing about it: you buy additional hitches and controllers and add an electric boost to more than one bike. Looks a lot more practical than switching over a single bike to being an e-bike (with one of those hub motor/wheel combinations) for about the same price.

  8. Mark W

    Sorry about the confusion!
    The trailer weights 42 lbs and can CARRY 75 lbs. I’ve pulled it home after exceeding 12 miles and it rolls along without much effort.

    Initial installation is ~12 minutes, then it hitches on/off in about 20 seconds. And it hooks up to cruisers, hybrids, recumbents, full suspension, and trikes.

    Many commute with it and avoid a shower at the office. Sooo much better than driving 🙂

    Ride On

  9. Raiyn

    Thank you Mark for the response. It’s nice to see a new company / vendor actually following proper etiquette for a change.
    42 lbs is certainly better than 75 and the new battery looks like it would address some of my weight to range issues

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