Friday Musings – Anywhere But Here?

Molly over Old Delhi

Commuting conditions in Old Delhi, India

Happy Aloha Friday bike commuters.  This Friday’s Musing is dedicated to any commuters out there who move from city to city, state to state, or country to country more frequently than the rest of us.  As I am traveling on and off for the summer, and prepping for a future uprooting once again, I find myself faced with the challenge of parting with my dear bikes or sending ’em packing along with me.  Then I got thinking…(I know, I know, careful with that thinking cap) if I were to up and move to a new city or place, is there anyplace in the world where I wouldn’t feel comfortable bike commuting?!  Maybe you really have to feel each city or town out for yourself before you can make that decision, but I already left the #1 listed state in Bike-Friendliness (Washington) to move to the lowly ranked #41 listed state on the list (Hawaii) and we still choose pedal power as our mode of transit everyday in Honolulu!  I know that for Boyfriend and I, bikeability plays a big part in where we choose to sign a rental agreement.  What about you guys?  Is there a place you’ve visited, lived, or will soon be living where you’d refuse to commute by bike? And WHY?!  Too dangerous, too hot, too cold, bad roads, or “well, a donkey just makes more sense here”  – whatever your reason may be, what’s your “Anywhere But Here” for bike commuting?  Comments box, please!


  1. Ghost Rider

    You know, a long long time ago, I felt that way about a variety of cities…many of the places I’ve lived seemed too daunting to commute by bike. I did it anyway (I’ve been at this since 1989), but still…

    It took living and commuting for 8 years in the nation’s deadliest bike city (Tampa/St. Pete metro area) to convince me that if I could do it there, I could do it anywhere!

    It’s a valid consideration as far as where you settle and the part of whichever city you choose to live, though. Find a place that’s bike-friendly from the start, and pick your living location wisely (nearby amenities/commerce options) and you’ll be ahead of the pack.

  2. Mir.I.Am

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Jack! We’ve got our sights set on Mexico City and other places in Central/South America… I’ve never been to any of them, so I can’t say for myself. But I CAN say that commuting with 20 bajillion people does freak me out a bit! Maybe it’s time to try out a bike share…

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