Worst U.S. traffic cities…in infographic form!

We’re a bit leery of posting infographics found on the web…too often, they’re a shameless ploy to direct traffic to a website. Cycling sites are particularly susceptible to this (as satirized here).

Anyhow, the following comes from an Internet-based job search site, but the data used to compile the infographic comes from a reliable source. It’s an interesting look at the United States’ most congested traffic cities:

Top 10 Cities with the Worst Traffic in the US – Infographic – An infographic by your Local Job Search team, Jobplotter.

Data source

It’s troubling that many of those congested cities also don’t have a good set of bike/ped infrastructure in place, based on my experience traveling to some of those places. Makes you wonder if bicycling was more accessible in cities like Miami, or Tampa, or Los Angeles, would congestion drop accordingly? I think it might…

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