Bike Lust Eyecandy… yum!

Okay kiddies,

Since we’ve been BEGGING for your commuter profiles and only get a slim response back after you have been emailed the template of questions, all we really want to see is some pictures of HOT Commuter Bikes!  So, lacking an enormous response from our readers… maybe a little “You show me yours, then I’ll show you mine” is in order.  For the record, here are the commuter profiles of all of our Bike Commuters staff writers, and our very own Bike Lust Eyecandy to tide you over until the day comes for our next Commuter Profile from readers like YOU!  If you are interested in submitting and proclaiming ultimate love for your commuter city, your lovely two-wheeled steed, and your awesome bikey sauceness – please email mir{at}bikecommuters{dawt}com.  It’s so easy, even Danny can do it.  We send you the q’s, you send us the response and hi-res photos of your bike, custom add-ons and ghetto-hacks, your scenic/treacherous commute, and your beautiful face.  We edit, publish, and make you an internet icon!

Let’s see if you loyal readers can guess which bike belongs to which rider-writer! Elizabeth, Mir.I.Am, RL, Ghost Rider, or Matt?  Click the photos to find the answers.

Commuter A:

Redline MTB

Rugged Redline MTB - who rides this BEAST in the streets?!

Commuter B:

Eggplant and Bumblebee bikes

Which writer rides the Bumblebee (right) with their friend, Eggplant (left)?

Commuter C:

Toro and Po Campo

An all-season rider, this staff writer's commuter bike was recently stolen! sad face for Toro.

Commuter D:

Redline 925

No official profile on this Bike Commuters staff writer... maybe it's time to get into it!

Commuter E:

Fixed Gear Machine

Whose get'er done is this? - a fixed gear machine!

Bring on the Commuter Profiles!

So what do you say, velomonsters, can you tell a lot about a rider from their bike?


  1. Mike Myers

    B)Mir I. Am
    E)Ghost Rider

    What do I win? LOL

  2. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    Shoots, Mike, was it THAT obvious?!!

  3. hermes

    RL: D

  4. Mike Myers

    Well, Mir, I know you’re in Hawaii, so that was easy. RL loves his 9-2-5, I recognized GR’s old Seminole Heights backyard, Elizabeth’s I knew from the bag(which she reviewed for the site), so that left Matt’s.

    Yes, I have read this site for a LONG time. LOL

  5. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    Yes Yes Yes!!! It’s WORKING… I know you all thought your commuter stories ain’t nothing special, so why submit? But you are ALL EXTRA SPECIAL AWESOME BIKE SAUCE! The emails are coming in, let’s see who can make the turnaround and send the questionnaire back completed… Also, any of you readers who emailed in the Spring (won’t name names) – you can still get back to us for your profiles…!

    If only I could get more LADIES… No one shall be excluded, but I am encouraging my velo mamas to get on the email and hit me up: mir{at}bikecommuters{dawt}com.

    Boom Shaka Laka.

  6. Matt

    For the record, the Redline usually serves commuter duty during the winter – and usually gets some snow tires to go with.

  7. Ghost Rider

    @Mike — that’s still my backyard (well, the bank’s)…I just don’t live there anymore.

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