Preview: Torker for my commute

Look what arrived at my doorstep Friday morning!

Can you guess what I’ll be riding around town in the coming weeks… and what I’ll be assembling?

In the aftermath of the theft of my beloved Toro, I really have been without a good around-town bike – complete with fenders and rack – and one that is built for the rigors of getting around the urban jungle of Chicago on two wheels. So, to keep me rolling, I’m now on the job reviewing a bike for our friends at Torker. (Thank you, Torker!)

Stay tuned to see how she looks once unwrapped and in motion. Brownie points to readers who guesses which Torker model I’ll be riding.


  1. spence

    The Graduate?

  2. JD

    Interurban, based on your Toro ride.

    I ride a Graduate every day, all 4 seasons and it is the perfect bike for me. Hope you enjoy yours, and if it is an interurban I’m looking forward to the review.

  3. Elizabeth (Post author)

    not the Graduate or the Interurban, though I would happily ride either of those. Keep the guesses coming… the bike will be unveiled soon.

  4. bigbenaugust

    Too bad it is not an Interurban, that’s a great bike. One of my coworkers here had one (until it was sadly stolen from her apartment while she was on vacation).

    Actually, I have no idea what Torker makes other than the Graduate and the Interurban.

  5. Ghost Rider

    We’ve already reviewed the Interurban, and the Graduate, AND the KB2. Keep guessing, everyone!

  6. Evan


  7. Evan

    OOps. It’d have to be the T300, extra bonuses being the fenders, rack, and kick stand..(?) Has anyone tested it.. looks great!

  8. illiniwu

    u-district?? i was going to say the mixte, because i thought about buying one myself. now i have to check out your review!

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