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You may have read about this elsewhere…the company is getting a lot of web traction with the announcement they sent to us a few days ago…basically, an insurance company is now offering a comprehensive accident and liability insurance policy for cyclists. Pretty cool, eh? Read on:


Comprehensive Accident and Liability Insurance Coverage for Cyclists Added to Better World Club’s Roadside Assistance Membership

Portland, Ore., July 5, 2012 – The nation’s bicycle community is growing rapidly, and as more cyclists share the road with cars, trucks and other cyclists, there is greater likelihood of an accident. As a result, the demand for bicycle insurance has never been higher. Today Better World Club (BWC), America’s only environmentally friendly auto club, announces that it has partnered with Gales Creek Insurance Services (GCIS) of Portland, Oregon, a division of JD Fulwiler, so that its members can receive GCIS’s BIKEon, the first nationwide, comprehensive, and affordable accident and liability insurance for bicyclists.

Offered exclusively to members enrolled in Better World Club’s industry-leading bicycle roadside assistance program, BIKEon provides accident insurance for the cyclist providing up to $100,000 to reimburse him for his bills, and liability payment of up to $1 million for each occurrence in the event of an accident that is caused by the bicyclist and results in injuries to other people or damage to property. Cyclists who ride standard road bikes, mountain bikes or electric bikes will be covered under this new policy.

Because comprehensive BIKEon Accident and Liability Insurance policy is included in its $39.95 bicycle roadside assistance program at no additional charge for the primary member, it is available with or without Better World Club’s auto club memberships. Bicycle Associates can be added for $17.00 each which includes both roadside assistance and the insurance.

“Because there’s been such an increase in the number of cyclists on the roads, there’s also a higher chance that they’ll get into an accident and incur huge medical bills or be sued. As a result, we keep getting more and more calls asking for insurance coverage to cover cyclists comparable to the benefits drivers enjoy,” said Mitch Rofsky, President of Better World Club. “GCIS’s accident and liability insurance coverage gives riders peace of mind in knowing that their expenses will be taken care of in the event of an accident, and that they are not taking a financial risk by getting out of their cars and onto their bikes.”

“Cyclists are an integral part of the larger American movement to ween our society off polluting fossil fuels, and deserve adequate protection while on the roadways,” said Jeffrey M. Lang, head of research and New Product Development at Gales Creek Insurance Services. “BIKEon fills the crucial need for Accident and Liability Insurance protection, and is an aid to achieving our sustainability goals. We are proud to launch this highly affordable program with America’s only eco-friendly roadside assistance organization, The Better World Club.”

Over 10 years of research went into the new BIKEon product developed by Gales Creek Insurance Services who listened to individuals, leading organizations in the cycling community and public policy experts focused on the promotion of alternative transportation in America. Gales Creek also studied similar cycling programs available to consumer groups and clubs in other nations including Australia, Holland and Great Britain, so that American’s who bike to work or for recreation could get affordably priced cycle insurance. BIKEon was designed to deliver on this promise of a low cost but comprehensive people’s bike insurance program.

BIKEon insurance does not cover riders of BMX bikes or bikes used for commercial purposes.

About Better World Club
Better World Club, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the nation’s only eco-friendly, socially-conscious roadside assistance, insurance, and travel club for cars and bicycles. Better World Club pioneered bicycle roadside assistance–and still offers the only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance. Membership includes eco-travel services, access to auto and bicycle insurance, free maps, auto maintenance discounts and much more. By donating one percent of annual revenues toward environmental cleanup and advocacy and being the first travel company to offer carbon offsets, Better World Club is changing more than just tires. For more information or to join the 30,000 socially-responsible members,, call 1.866.238.1137, or join Better World Club on Facebook at

About Gales Creek Insurance Services (GCIS)

Founded in 1980 by Margaret Payton and Jeffrey Lang, Gales Creek Insurance Services is a division of JD Fulwiler & Company. GCIS is an innovator and developer of specialty Insurance and Risk Transfer products for associations, political subdivisions, non-profits and underserved-disenfranchised groups and communities nationally. Through careful analysis, GCIS delivers custom insurance products that solve problems for their unique, professional customers. JD Fulwiler is licensed in all states plus affiliate relationships in Europe and the Middle East. GCIS is a founding member of Co-Op America now called Green America and is committed to building a more just, equitable and sustainable economy through ethical business-to-business transactions. For more information, or call 1.800.755-1575.

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Organization Contacts:
Better World Club
Mitch Rofsky
503 784 9378

Media Contact:
Grady Britton
Marion Margiotta
503 228 4118

Gales Creek Insurance Services
Jeffrey M. Lang
503 977 5630


  1. xj

    I don’t know… in their faq #3 they use “break” for “brake” never a good sign.

    I can’t figure out how much it costs… it says $17. Is that a month? Six months? A year?

    The “standard bicycle” verbiage scares me too. None of my bikes rolled off the show room floor like they are now – does that make them ‘custom’ and therefore not covered?

    FAQ 9 They also state that the bicycle covered must meet local ordinances for bicycles – all bikes are required to be sold with reflectors by the CPSC, I took those off too. Is a claim going to be rejected? What if it is at night?

    FAQ 8 “off-trail mountain biking” define trail please? Paved? A designated trail by a park or other authority? How about the 300 feet of single-track I ride every time I commute – I have no idea if it is legal or not – it is where a street would have connected but they stopped paving.

    Wish it was more clear about equipment damage, it says nothing at all about it.

    I was all excited, I’m gonna pass.

  2. Matt

    XJ –

    I have BWC for my auto/bike roadside assistance, and I can answer a little bit…

    – The $17 is per year.

    – I doubt they’ll exclude your bike because you changed components. The “standard road bikes, mountain bikes or electric bikes” seems intended to exclude things like unicycles, tall bikes, brakeless fixies, etc.

    – From my reading… the insurance is for injuries or liabilities you incur. It is not for damage to your bike (as far as I can tell), that should/can be covered under homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

    I suggest that you call/email and ask for clarification on the other points rather than assuming the worst.

    On a side note, I had to call BWC for the first time this morning to get my car jump-started. They were pleasant on the phone and everything was taken care of within 30 minutes of when I first picked up the phone – I was pretty impressed.

  3. harry krishna

    insurance costs should be stated as cost per thousand dollars of coverage. i had insurance for a year in 1983. the next year i started putting $25/month in a mutual fund as my “bicycle fund”. so i feel like i’m “self insured” now.

  4. Megan Emerson

    Hi folks! I’m am employee of Better World Club, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about our bike insurance coverage. Matt was spot-on with his info – it’s $17/year to add bike insurance and roadside assistance to an auto program, and $39.95/year for the bike-only program.

    Custom components aren’t a problem, as long as your bike still has brakes (thanks for the typo alert, XJ!) and you can reach the ground from the seat. It does need to meet local safety laws in order to be eligible for coverage.

    We don’t have theft and damage insurance available yet, but it is on its way! Pricing will be based on the value of your bike.

    If you have other questions, or just want to chat, give us a call at 1-866-238-1137, or email

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