A weekend – in snapshots

So just how do bike commuters spend their weekend? Well, I for one, like to fill it with friends, family and bikey stuff!

For instance, this past weekend I took a long bike ride, visited with family (love my mom’s flowers!), and watched the end of the pro race at the Tour of Elk Grove… all shared here with you in photos…

First enjoying my mom’s beautiful flowers after the Saturday afternoon storm

Mom's Hibiscus in Bloom

Throw in a great bike ride with a friend…

Bike Shadows

And a view of a calm morning over Lake Michigan…

Lake Michigan Calmness

And cap it all off with some pro bike race viewing in suburban Elk Grove Village at the Tour of Elk Grove

Tour of Elk Grove Pro Race - final stage

On the Podium at the Tour Of Elk Grove

What’s your best “how to” enjoy a great weekend – with or without the bike?


  1. Minnie

    Nice photos! When I don’t go biking, I usually find myself at any of my friends’ houses. We only get to meet on weekends when we are free from work. I also bring my bike with me so we could just easily move around. Sometimes, we also hit the beach if we feel like it. There are also times when we go hill running to feel relief from stress.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Those are some great pics of the race! Catching a bike race is certainly a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

  3. Elizabeth

    @Ghost – yea… especially as just a spectator. Those racers enjoy themselves, but it’s a lot harder of a day for them 😉

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