Introducing Hermes P.

Please help us welcome the newest Associate Writer for, Hermes Pagulayan. We first featured Hermes in a Commuter Profile about a year ago and he’s even contributed a guest article.
As continues to grow, we found the need for another staffer to help us with spreading the good news of bike commuting. I actually know Hermes through church and he’s is probably THE ONLY person I know who lives in Orange County, Ca. who doesn’t own a car. That’s a pretty big deal since SoCal is such a car-centric part of the country. When I learned that he used a bicycle to get to and from his clients, dates, and church, I was thoroughly impressed. We look forward to seeing what Hermes has to offer the readership.


  1. Matt

    Welcome, Hermes!

  2. Elizabeth

    Welcome aboard! πŸ™‚

  3. Ghost Rider

    Hooray for Hermes! No car — a kid after my own heart!!!

  4. hermes

    Thanks guys! I am honored and grateful. =)

  5. Tina Pham

    Congrats! Look forward to reading your posts. Keep it up Hermes! πŸ™‚

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