Outdoor Spinning Class vs. Bike Commuting?

On my way home one night last summer I saw this spectacle for the first time ever (the spectacle continues this summer) and I just had to pause to capture the moment – more so as proof as to what I was actually seeing!

outdoor spinning class vs bike commuting?

I’ve always wanted to try a spinning class… and I think the winter time — when I’m less likely to log as many miles outside — would be the ideal time. But I’d much rather be outside enjoying an actual bike ride than spinning outside…. Every time I pass one of these classes, I just smile and shake my head. I’m sure it’s a great workout; I just hope those same class attendees aren’t beeping their car horn at me later in their urgency to get home post-workout.


  1. Alan

    *That* is incredibly lame.

  2. BluesCat

    I dunno, maybe they are on to something here. I’ve always said I’d sooner ride in a thunderstorm than pedal a stationary bike in a gym where I get to smell all the weekend warrior’s sweat.

    These folks are out in the open air like us REAL cyclists … smelling the flowers … and the exhaust from that SUV.

  3. Steve

    I would have rode by them and said, “Hey guys, follow me!”

  4. bigbenaugust

    Can’t handle a real road, huh?

  5. Ghost Rider

    To me, this is as ridiculous as seeing folks driving around and around a gym parking lot to score a convenient space…only to go inside and ride a stationary bike.

  6. Franky

    Wow, this is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. So they waste all that gas to drive to a gym to ride stationary bikes in a parking lot? I wonder if they know how ridiculous that is…

  7. bigbenaugust

    I’ve got it! It’s systematic desensitization of people with a phobia of riding in the real world. First, they ride stationary bikes in the gym, then they ride stationary bikes in the parking lot, then they ride real bikes in the parking lot.

  8. Andres

    That is just too funny, next thing they are going to think of is stationary bikes that move….

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