Preview – Lululemon Lust… Fall Commuter Duds

This goes out to all my straight-BALLER-status Cycle Ladies out there: the post goddess has delivered a lovely package from Fedex including three items to review from Lululemon’s Fall Commuter line.  Elizabeth and I will be testing them out as-soon-as-flippin’-pasta-bowl to get the product reviews up there since the collection has a “limited [online] shelf life”…  Dang, apparently the Lululemon Pedal Power Fall line is in demand like the line outside the club at Night at the Roxbury, so get ’em while they got ’em, Cycle Ladies!

Enough with the ridiculous similes, you say, Lululemon baller Fall Collection, what have they got in store for us Bike Commuters? I received three pieces in the mail yesterday and my first impressions/stream of consciousness went a little like this:

Whoa, these materials are slinky and sexual.  How the crap do they make this stuff… spin the golden saliva of Aphrodite!?  Maybe I should have ordered a size down, they seem flowy and scarfy.  Wait, is this a SCARF?  Must make extra efforts not to choke myself with scarf while cycling… Need scarf guard for rear wheel.

Actually, the scarf is something like a she-necktie for a lovely blouse that could transition nicely from two-wheels to office and heels!  And after throwing on the duds and perusing photos on their website – I am actually now wearing ALL of them as I type here on the futon – the sizes are NOT too big and fit as the Lululemonites must have intended.  What exactly did we receive to review?  Oh yes, oh yes, that’s a list coming up, and I LOVE lists!:

  1. Pedal Power Wind Shirt (in dense purple) – $128.00

    Lululemon Pedal Power Wind Shirt in Dense Purple

    I hope I can look as straight ballin' as this Lululemon model!

  2. Pedal Power Pant (in black) – $128.00

    Lululemon Pedal Power Pant in Black

    And yes... I chose the butt shot. I hope the inseam works for my short stature!

  3. Pedal Power Longsleeve (in Currant) – $108.00
Lululemon Pedal Power Longsleeve in Currant

Red is the new Neon Orange over at Lululemon - points for striking visible color!

And for those of you who may be stunned by the price tag, you’re not the only ones.  My fashion price range may be skewed, considering my stylists (read: stylish older sister and stylish best friend) give me their best hand-me-downs for $free.99.  Here’s a quote from RL in an initial email about the Lululemon products to review:

One of our guys on the race team bought a $700 wheel set, his wife was so mad that she bought a $300 Lululemon jacket in retaliation….but she raves about their products all the time.

Time to hit the road and see if we rave about them too!  I’m excited to test out these Fall Pedal Power duds – if only it would cool down just a tad.  Long sleeves and long pants are still a bit much for September in Hawaii, bring on the rainy season, already!

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  1. Emily

    Mir.I.Am – these duds are jammin’, as I’m sure you will be while donning them on a bicycle. I’m digging the high-fashion edge of the blouse for sure. Love Lululemon!

  2. Valerie

    The pants are hawt! How did they fit? We prols have the same inseam.

  3. OHM

    The purple shirt looks nice, but it would probably get sweaty (and no longer office-worthy) after a long commute, unless you were biking very slowly or riding an electric bike

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