Interbike 2012: No Drip Chain Luber

Saw this booth at Dirt Demo and it caught my attention because it’s something I’ve never seen before. The idea of “proper chain lubing technique” is highly debatable such as religion and politics. With the photos below, I hope you can formulate your own opinions about this product.



The idea is to pour in your favorite lube in the bottle, press against chain, then squeeze bottle while turning the crank. They said that the bottle can handle stuff like White Lightning.

Though the bike is upside down, they recommend using gravity to apply the lube while squeezing.


  1. Rich Singer

    The No-Drip Chain Luber just went live on Indie Go Go. Pre-order yours today at just $12 (includes postage):

  2. Ghost Rider

    It’s a cool idea, but I’ve always aimed my lube right at the pins and rollers and not slathered it all over the chain. In fact, after careful dripping, I wipe the chain DRY with a clean rag. How does this applicator not get lube all over the place?

  3. Matt

    Seems like you’d go through lube extra-fast with this.

  4. Rich Singer

    The NDCL actually uses a tiny amount of lube, because it all goes inside of the chain, instead of on the ground or on your bike. The two-ounce bottle holds more than 70 lube applications. You can pre-order the NDCL on

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