Interbike 2012: Ryde Safe Reflective Bike Decals

Met up with the Ryde Safe folks and they showed me some of their new products.

It basically comes down to this, it’s reflective tape that you put on your bike for added night time visibility. What makes them unique is that they offer various colors which stand out.


This is with the flash on to show you how well Ryde Safe works.

My favorite part is they have decals for your chain! I asked about grease and all that; they seem to be pretty confident that the stickers would stay on even after applying lube.


  1. Mir.I.Am

    Oooh! I like these!!! Can you score some for testing?!!!

  2. Graham

    Is it weird that stuff like this makes me wish that I commuted in the dark more?

  3. joe

    If they are smart, they will market chains with the stickers pre-applied πŸ™‚

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