Interbike 2012: Street Strider

Interbike has had plenty of interesting products. One that caught my eye was the Street Strider.

Really tall dude on a Street Strider.

So the story goes: Dave Krause, owner and creator of the Street Strider, saw a line of people waiting for an elliptical machine. He saw them get on but he then saw that the people were stuck in the same position. So he set out along with Garrett Watkins to create an “elliptical that moves you”. Based out of Fresno, California, it’s a full body work out focusing on the upper/lower body and core areas. On a stationary elliptical, you stay erect the entire time, whereas on the Street Strider you turn by leaning to the sides to steer.

Yes, he's 6'9''.


  • Colors: Yellow, Black and Blue
  • 8 Speed Internal Shimano Nexus
  • Drum Brakes
  • 53/16 gear ratio
  • Rear Rack


I had a chance to test ride it during the outdoor dirt demo on Tuesday. The brakes were hard to use at first but I got used to it. Street Strider uses grip shifters.

Brake + Grip Shifter

Like most ellipticals in the gym, the Street Strider also has a display to monitor performance.

MSRP $2,099

Company site: Street Strider