Interbike 2012: Street Strider

Interbike has had plenty of interesting products. One that caught my eye was the Street Strider.

Really tall dude on a Street Strider.

So the story goes: Dave Krause, owner and creator of the Street Strider, saw a line of people waiting for an elliptical machine. He saw them get on but he then saw that the people were stuck in the same position. So he set out along with Garrett Watkins to create an “elliptical that moves you”. Based out of Fresno, California, it’s a full body work out focusing on the upper/lower body and core areas. On a stationary elliptical, you stay erect the entire time, whereas on the Street Strider you turn by leaning to the sides to steer.

Yes, he's 6'9''.


  • Colors: Yellow, Black and Blue
  • 8 Speed Internal Shimano Nexus
  • Drum Brakes
  • 53/16 gear ratio
  • Rear Rack


I had a chance to test ride it during the outdoor dirt demo on Tuesday. The brakes were hard to use at first but I got used to it. Street Strider uses grip shifters.

Brake + Grip Shifter

Like most ellipticals in the gym, the Street Strider also has a display to monitor performance.

MSRP $2,099

Company site: Street Strider


  1. bigbenaugust

    … for people for whom the ElliptiGo is not weird enough?

  2. Hermes (Post author)


    Thanks for taking time of your day to read the post! You know…it’s an interesting take on what the elliptigo is. The riding experience was very different but I did get a very good workout from it.

    I think the Strider really is an exercise machine that can also be used to commute somewhere. But I know it’s not like the other bikes we’ve shown here on this site for sure.

    Who knows? Maybe the company will succeed. Heck, the Segway is still around and people thought that invention was a massive failure.

  3. Graham

    I think that I would love it more if your hands weren’t moving. Then it would be more like riding out of the saddle all the time. But then again, if I was a fan of elliptical machines, I probably wouldn’t be bicycle riding!

  4. bigbenaugust

    I actually know a guy with an ElliptiGo. He said it was better on his knees than a bike. I am not sure I believe this, but he was commuting on it and was super-happy with it. So who am I to argue?

    I would love to know how the StreetStrider does in traffic. It would be wider, but the CG seems lower than an ElliptiGo (which are super-high up). One could get used to the moving controls… it’s a bet like a under-seat steering recumbent.

  5. Mike Myers

    I take enough grief from drivers for riding a bike. Riding one of these things would be like wearing a giant “Throw things at me” sign on my back.

    Elliptical bikes, when a recumbent isnt’ dorky enough. LOL

  6. Raiyn

    At least it’s not that wedgie “bike”

  7. Elizabeth

    I like that this one is 3-wheels… does it feel more stable than an elliptigo? I’ve seen folks on the roads here riding an ElliptiGo and am intrigued. Certainly more for fitness than hauling stuff, but certainly a commuting option.

  8. Steve


    I’ve ridden the Elliptigo and own the Streetstrider. There is a big difference once you start using your arms. I’ve been riding a Trikke and Mountain bike back and forth to work (16mile round trip) everyday for 6-7 years and just recently purchased the Streetstrider. I can tell you without a doubt that the Streetstrider is by far the best workout of the two. I ride in the bike lanes on my way to work everyday. Just make sure you’re well lit, so far so good. The Streetstrider is very stable and very fast. My top speed is 23 mph on the bike paths which is pretty fast for what it is. My average speed is arounf 17mph. My advice to anyone looking for a great workout is to purchase one. I climb mountains and am always on the go yet the Streetstrider has me huffing and puffing within a few minutes of riding it. Love it!!!

  9. Limbo

    Nice! More things like this and the Elliptigo on the street and maybe me and my Footbike will become the ‘normal’ ones…..

  10. Hermes (Post author)

    @elizabeth: I’ve never ridden an elliptigo so I wouldn’t know. I will say that steering was very weird at first. My biking instincts had to be thrown out.

    @mike myers: hahahahahaha

    @steve: I’d love to do a commuter profile on you if you’re interested.

    @Limbo: hopefully… =)

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