Interbike 2012: Chubby Chasers

During the Dirt Demo this week, I noticed that there were TONS (no pun intended) of FAT BIKES being ridden out at Bootleg Canyon. Below is a beautiful specimen by Pedego, it’s electric powered with

Those rims and tires are super wide.


Here’s a unique fat bike, it’s made out of bamboo!

Surly has this beauty. Don’t ask me to explain the fork cuz I don’t know the answer.

Another one from 9Zero7.

I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get a chance to ride a big fatty, but from the reaction I gathered from people I spoke with, they think these bikes are super fun and would be perfect for snowy and sandy places.



    I WANT A FAT BIKE. I was yelling at the material things God there, because I don’t have the cash right now, but I want one SO BAD. I ride all winter long and my city does not plow the paths… but a FAT BIKE would do the trick. Not even my studded winter tires are up to the strange icy dimpled surfaces created by walkers. Some day…

  2. joe

    I believe the Surly fork is built that way to make front and rear wheels interchangeable.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Joe beat me to it, but yeah — the fork is offset to allow standard 135mm rear hubs both front and rear. Load two rear wheels into the frame (different gearings, a singlespeed/fixed setup, etc.) and go about your business.

    @Rantwick — if you happen to connect with the material things God, please let him/her know that I’d really like one too! And there are SO MANY great choices out there now…the Surly Moonlander, the 9 Zero 7 (my personal fave — the black/green colorway makes me weak in the knees), the Salsa Mukluk.

  4. Matt

    The duel rear hubs on the Surly is cool – I’d never realized the fork was offset that way as there aren’t many fat bikes around here and most pics I’ve seen have been from the side.

    So to combine everything I’m seeing from Interbike – I want a full-sus 5″ travel fat bike with two-wheel drive likes the Tretta bikes!

  5. Ghost Rider

    @Matt — don’t forget a neon finish…preferably multi-colored neon!

  6. Jenny

    Hi RL,

    I’m sorry you didn’t have a chance to test ride any of these big wheeled bikes but I heard your office isn’t very far from us! We’re located in Irvine and you are more than welcome to stop by to test out our new Pedego electric monster. We’re still deciding on a name for this bike.

    Hope you had a good time at Interbike!

  7. DanD

    Am I wrong in thinking that to do anything with the front wheel on the Surly, you’d have to deflate the tube and kind of tip the wheel through the narrower portion of the fork?

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