Interbike 2012: Banjo Brothers

One of my favorite people to visit at Interbike would be our friends Eric and Mike also known as the Banjo Brothers. I’ve known these guys for at least 6 years and did you know that Banjo Brothers is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! A big congrats goes out to these guys who make high quality products at affordable prices.

Mike and Eric, The Banjo Brothers.

For 2013 the Brothers are offering new frame bags.

Another product they are offering is a cell phone bag/keeper. The clear plastic cover allows you full control of your screen while protecting it from the elements. This bag is perfect for storing your stuff all together so you can fit it in the back of your jersey pocket.
You can keep your ID, CC and cash in there.
This right here has to be my favorite, same concept as above, but you can mount it on your bike!
Velcro to keep things secure on the bike.

Another new product is this guy. It’s the same as their backpack but made with a different material. From what I recall, Eric said it was waxed canvas. So that should make some of you retro-grouches happy.


Here’s a great example of Banjo Brother products mounted on a commuter/touring bike.

Look hunny, the drapes match the carpet!

I love me some Banjo Brothers. My own commuter back pack is 6 years old and it’s still going strong! I use for bike commuting and even for luggage when I travel.


  1. Mike Myers

    I like the backpack, but I am a retrogrouch. Now, make traditional panniers out of that waxed canvas, price it cheaper than VO or Carradice, and I’ll buy a pair for my errand/touring bike.

    Think an affordable Carradice Super C will sell? Yep. Of course, I’d rather they were made in the US, but I’ll sacrifice my jingoism for a hundred dollar pair of panniers!

  2. Ghost Rider

    @Mike — do you not remember BB’s “spin off” Minnehaha Bags? They make traditionally styled panniers (albeit unwaxed canvas…I hear it’s easy enough to wax your own).

  3. Elizabeth

    I like the bright orange.

    For the most part my BB panniers (one waterproof, one market) are holding up after years of use and abuse.

  4. RL Policar

    Orange? It should be Red.

  5. Mike Myers

    @Jack—-I remember the Minnehaha bags. They’re nice, but unwaxed(and I’m not spending that sort of money for bags I have to wax myself—perish the thought) and they didn’t look like they were for real touring. I like the design of the Carradice Super C—lots of pockets!

  6. Raiyn

    I’m 100% with Mike on the waxed canvas. If I wanted to replace my Donkey Boxxes with something more shall we say “upscale” I’d go that route.

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