Interbike 2012: EZ EL (electroluminecent wire)


Not sure how it works? Well this nice chart explains it. Basically there’s magic in them wires that allow them to glow.

Runs off a small battery pack.

One product they had was this ribbon EL that gives off that TRON look. They were actually kind enough to give me a set to test out. I’ve voluntold Jack Sweeney to test for the site.


  1. John Jameson

    OK…this has me kinda excited. And not out of Tron-ness…just out of a longstanding desire to have more side visibility to cross-traffic.

    I’ll wait to hear from Jack.

  2. Lanai

    I really appreciate RL Policar who posted our product up on this website! If people have any questions or want any idea. Please, shoot us an email at

    Also if RL Policar can contact us that be great! Please, contact Cheers!

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