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The following article was written by Luke Clum of Distilled Creative. Take a look — the interactive data linked to the image below is a handy “one stop” resource for stats on your location.

How Pedal Friendly Is Your State?

Let’s be honest, we all like to have a few bragging rights. Well, if you’re a bike commuter in Washington DC, you get those rights. As of a recent study by the Alliance for Biking and Walking DC ranks first as having the highest number of bike commuters according to population. The study compiled important information from state and city rankings about commuters who walk, bike, the number of fatalities, and the amount of government aid allocated for alternative transportation. In sum they found a sharp rise in the total number of bike commuters – in some cases almost doubling.

But besides the urban sprawl of DC, many other states compared really well in their biking behaviors. Coming in at second was, you guessed it, those fixie-loving Oregonians. While this state, renowned for its expressive bikers, fell behind DC with only 2.25% or bike commuters, it excelled compared with the rest of the more expansive states.

One of the major benefits to this large scale rise in bike commuting is an increase in safety developments. Many cities are renovating their streets to include larger shoulders and more prominent bike lanes. My hometown of Seattle (a respectable 8th on the list) has been making substantial changes both inside the city limits and within the smaller sub-city districts. With traffic lanes being narrowed and bike lanes growing, I’m also noticing a lot more bikers on the road – which is a great thing. Hopefully with biking becoming more and more prominent we’ll see a sharper awareness of car drivers and a limit in the amount of accidents.

With gas prices continuing to rise and a greater environmental awareness, I’m hopeful that bike commuting will continue to blossom. In the meantime, look up your state and celebrate, or grovel in your respective ranking. For more info on the study itself check out the 2012 Alliance Benchmarking Report.

The State Stats – Find Out How You Rank

Click image to open interactive version (via BikeGuard).

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Luke Clum is a Seattle based graphic designer, cyclist and outdoorsman. While he loves creating unique designs, he’s most content hiking or alpine climbing in the North Cascades. You can follow him on Twitter @lukeclum

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