Spinlister: Peer-to-peer bicycle rental

Ever go on a business trip, or a vacation, and wish you had a bike? Don’t want to deal with a bike shop in an unfamiliar city but still want to get your ride on? Spinlister may be another avenue for you…we received this blurb about it a few days ago and wanted to share:

Hope all is well. Reaching out as I thought you’d be interested in learning about Spinlister – a marketplace that lets bike owners rent their bikes to travelers, cyclists, locals looking to explore over 400 cities in 80 countries.
We launched in NYC and San Francisco in April, recently opened up a national beta program in late-September, and were hoping that you might take us for a…spin!

How it works:
-For bike owners, it’s easy to list a bike and earn cash. After filling out a few details, and submitting photos of your sweet chariot, within 24 to 48 hours (after we check for quality, price, and accuracy), your bike will be ready for rent.

-For bike renters, you have it easy too! Simply search by location, bike size, and type to get a list of available bikes near you. From there, you can request a rental from the bike’s owner and ask questions. Once the Lister approves your request, it’s a match made in bicycle heaven.

Take a look at the rest of the details by visiting the Spinlister site. It could be a pretty cool resource for you travelers out there!


  1. bigbenaugust

    If somebody will rent me a trailer for the kids, too, I’m sold.

  2. Barb Chamberlain

    Rats. My husband and I had this idea back in January. We should have started it then 🙂

  3. Mir.I.Am

    This is a fantastic idea!!! I hope it really takes off, it only works if a lot of people list their bikes… I’m in Costa Rica for two months, hunting for a borrowed ride. I think I’ll be on my friend’s cousin’s banana seat, soon! I love that they cover the loss of your bike up to $5000, too.

  4. ridonrides

    it works if you have a bike you don’t use. i’ve heard of similar car share programs, even parking space share programs. this seems like a relatively safe way to earn a little cash.

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