Use an Old Phone to Locate Lost/Stolen Bike.


The app is called Prey. It’s similar to Lojack.

You may know Lojack as the service that locates lost or stolen cars. But what about bicycles? I’m not sure if people care nor have a need for such a device, but as someone who has had a bike stolen, the Prey app for phones, laptops, and tablets is intriguing. It was created for use with an old smartphone in mind but should you have left your new device on your bike, that new device can also track the bike.

I’m sure plenty of other apps are similar to this. And other theft-deterrant options are available like ReuiniteIT by Lojack. Be sure to mention them in the comments below if you know.

Is it necessary to use an old phone? No. But the idea is, if you’re going to lose a smartphone, it might as well be your old one and not the new Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III.

Click here, to find out more about this open source anti-theft project, Prey.


  1. John

    While using prey on an old phone seems like a good idea – You have to remember to charge the old phone on a regular basis. And since the battery life of many old phones is not long, this may only work for a short period of time. But I do like the concept. Perhaps someone can create a cheap, yet long battery life, device that one can attach somewhere on the bike (or hide on the bike) that does the same thing.

  2. Hermes (Post author)

    Ya that is definitely a downside.

  3. Ghost Rider

    There are much smaller GPS trackers that can be used for this purpose than a smartphone. The web series “To Catch a Bike Thief” uses them:

    Also, an article in Outside Magazine used a similar tiny GPS device on “bait bikes”:

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