1500 Lumens Headlight

This is the Serfas TSL 1500 light that was tested on our sister site. Its worth considering if you’re shopping for a new light.
Serfas 1500

1500 lumens
4 Hour Quick Charge
Ram Air Cooling for Increased Brightness and Longer LED Life
Included Quick Release Handle Bar Mount
Included Easy Adjust Helmet Mount
3 Foot Extension Cable Included
Modes: Overdrive, High, Medium, Low and Flash
Weight: 480 Grams with Bracket
Run Times: Now up 3 Hours – 12 Hours Maximum (Depending on Setting)
MSRP $390
serfas true 1500

Read about it HERE.


  1. meligrosa

    that looks like WALL-E 🙂

  2. harry krishna

    an impressive light, but how many commuters will spring for a light >$100? especially when i can get all the led i want from china for $30 to my door.

  3. RL

    The old saying, “you get what you pay for” comes to mind when dealing with cheaper lights. In fact one of my friends bought a light from Ebay that claimed to be 1500 lumens and when we compared it side by side to the Serfas light above, his wasn’t half as bright as the TSL 1500.

    I know that our readership are more frugal, but they also know when to pay top dollar for quality products.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Do those Chinese lights have a warranty? Do they have readily available spare parts? Do they really stack up against a verified output? No, of course not…they look like a good deal until you consider all of those things (and more).

    “Real” bike lights are frighteningly expensive…but they are worth every penny, especially if you live in an area without street lighting. The teeth (and life) you save may be your own…don’t cheap out on a crucial safety item!

  5. harry krishna

    not my experience. bought a $100 light late ’80’s. lasted just shy of one “season”. made a system with union halogen and sears rechargeable that lasted much longer. warranties? spare parts? i have a big drawer full of both – all useless.

  6. bigbenaugust

    1500 lumens? holy cats, that’s a lot of light.

    I just got a MiNewt 500 and I am afraid to run around with it in high because a) I think I’m going to blind somebody and b) I might need the extra battery life. I love it, though… it charges via USB.

  7. Brandt A.

    For comparison…a car headlight ranges from roughly 1200 to 3000 lumens.

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