Bike Spikes – Alternative to Studded Tires

Wintry weather has Bike Commuters layered up and thawing out this time of year.  Any of you Cycle Ladies and Gents have snow on the brain?  A prototype design for Bike Spikes may have you on your saddle and pedaling to work instead of reaching for your car keys on a Snow Day.  An alternative to studded tires for your bike, this Dutch student’s idea uses “spikes that wrap around a bike’s wheels and provide grip on a slick, snowy surface.”  

Bike Spikes

Bike Spikes wrap around your existing tires to help keep your ride from skidding in snow and ice. Click this image see check out the photo gallery.

No details on pricing just yet, but the product is said to be released next year.  Hopefully it could be competitive, considering the pricey options for studded tires on the market available from Continental, Nokian, and Kenda ($42 – $69 each).

Studded Tires Price Compare

Studded tires can be steep, not cheap!


The design looks slick, but let’s hope the Bike Spikes are anything but a slick ride!  To read more about the article published on January 12th, click here: article, Spikes on Bike Wheels Help Riding in Snow? 


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