Happy (belated) birthday to RL!

Please join us in wishing site founder/husky model/downhill racer/all-around good guy RL Policar a happy birthday! His special day was last week, and the rest of us dropped the ball in getting his “virtual birthday cake” up on the site for everyone to enjoy.

Here, have a piece of cake and help him celebrate his special day a few days late:


Enjoy, RL! We hope your birthday was filled with fun and cycling adventures!


  1. RL Policar

    Thanks Elder Statesman,

    No cycling for me since I’ve been fighting a bad cough for the last few weeks. I appreciate the post.

    thank you!


  2. BluesCat

    Went to the Doc on Friday because of a filled up nose and a cough I’ve had for over two weeks.
    Gave me a script for anti-B’s and a recommendation that I get some saline nasal spray if I was going to insist on riding (which I am).
    After three days, cough is gone and the nose is pretty clear.
    Happy B-Day, RL.

  3. Elizabeth

    Happy B-day!
    Sorry to hear you’re sick lately. 🙁

    (BluesCat – I’ve battled chronic sinusitis for years — now I use saline mists and neti pot daily!)

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