Riding with a helmet cam

One of the things I’ve started doing was commuting with a helmet cam mounted on my bicycle or helmet. You’re probably asking why? Well I actually got this tip from my friend Officer Ben. Not only does he use it when he’s commuting to the station on his motorcycle, but he uses his camera each time he deals with people. He said that if anything were to happen, he has video proof.

So I started doing this myself with both my motorcycle and my bicycle. I basically will turn it on from the time I leave my home and turn it off when I get to my destination. I have a pretty big SD card that handles the recording for the duration. If it was an uneventful ride, then I delete the video I just captured so it doesn’t take up room. Then on my way home, I record again.

Officer Ben uses a product called Veho Muvi HD10 Camcorder. This camera is actually small enough to be mounted on the lapel or pocket of your outer garment.

I’ve been using a GoPro Hero2 mounted on my handlebar.
gopro hero2

Basically having a camera will help protect you in the event that someone hits you. Protection meaning if they claim that it was not their fault, you can simply say you have it on video.

As unfortunate it is for the 2 riders getting hit, the video helped the Police find the driver and arrest that person.

Here’s another video in which a camera helped get the Police find the harassing driver.


  1. Jeffrey Randorf

    Thanks for the post. Folks keep asking me if my Lithium helmet torch is a camera! I should just add one to the mix now that I’ve seen this post and videos.

  2. Elizabeth

    I get asked a lot if my bike light mounted atop my helmet is a camera. Often times I wish it was. The GoPro is pricey but I’ve considered it. That muvi looks like it may be a viable / more portable option.

  3. mihai


    i just started riding with a camera (gopro hero3 with remote 🙂
    when near a car that might hit you READ ALOUD the licence plate in case its not clear in the video.

    Dont mount the camera on the handle bars since you wont be able to film around as you would when its on your helmet.

    cheers and be safe out there. PS I commute every day over an hour through manhattan

  4. Max Power

    I ride with a Contour HD and totally recommend it, even though the resolution isn’t as good as some other cameras The form factor is much better than the GoPro for helmet mounting (makes a nice complement to a helmet light).
    It came in handy the first year I had it, when I got right hooked and faced a bill for damages to the motorist’s car. The police report falsely claimed I was passing on the right in the shoulder. They dropped the claim when I send a CD with the video.

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