Orp Smart Horn – soon to be tested here

Orp in red. Also comes in asphalt black, frostbyte white, safety cone orange, wail blue, snot green, and worm white (glorp)

With 5 days to go on this Orp Kickstarter campaign, the Orp Smart Horn is soon to go into production and we’ll be getting one to test!

As a safety conscious cyclist I value that this product attempts to make cyclists both more visible and audible on the roadways.

THE IDEA: Make bikers more visible and /or more “hearable”.
THE SOLUTION: A combination dual tone, high decibel bike horn and front beacon light.
Meet Orp.

As creator Tory Orzeck says on the page:

“Really long story short, we developed this super loud, dual decibel horn. Only after that did we discover the Piezo speaker and its circuitry barely taxed the battery to drive the sound. Sitting right there in front of us, we had everything we needed to add LEDs. So, we ended up combining two products: a beacon light and a horn into one small and (we think) beautiful product.”

This product was thought up in Portland and we’ll certainly put it to the test in Chicago.

Just the other night I was nearly right-hooked by a driver insistent on getting into the right lane to make a turn. He had just passed me and then nearly pulled in front of me. Not even my two front LED blinkies and bell got his attention; my yelling and the screeching of my squealing brakes did get his attention – “WHA…WHOA…LOOK OUT!” (or something to that effect)

Orp’s Horn has 2 modes: soft and WAY loud

The Wail Tail is the ergonomic and intuitive switch controlling the horn.

When you need to alert other cyclists or pedestrians, a small displacement {up or down} of Orp’s Wail Tail produces a friendly chirp at 76 decibels.

When you’re in traffic, and you need to let cars know where you are, then just push a little harder {up or down} and Orp’s “HERE I AM!” sound emits an ear blistering 96 decibels. This is FAR louder than the most popular bike bells.

I could use a horn!


  1. Ghost Rider

    That is one COOL little device! I am curious to hear about the runtime with lights and horn being used extensively. Looking forward to the review.

  2. Graham

    I’d also be curious to watch a short video of this thing in action. I’m wondering about the pitch of the horn. Is it a high pitch, which is more common for smaller animals and vehicles, or is it a low pitch, indicating more of a threat. I’d imagine that this would make quite a difference in how being honked at would be received.

  3. Marc

    I am curious how this could be converted to a tail light and rear horn because a huge threat from cars is getting rear ended.

  4. holly

    This could be very cool. There is a round-about on my way home from work and let’s just say there are a lot of drivers here who don’t quite understand round-abouts. A horn would be super helpful there.

  5. Jerry

    I’ve often wanted a good horn that didn’t weigh a lot and was super loud. Right now I depend on my voice, which does get attention. “Hey, HEY!”

    But just like motorists’ horns are sometimes used in retribution rather than warning, it will be tempting to use this in the same way. That will defeat the purpose. Once the danger is past all you’re doing is emoting, and in traffic that usually doesn’t have a good outcome.

  6. Ghost Rider

    @Graham — there are audio links on the Kickstarter page (linked above) so you can hear what the horn sounds like.

  7. Nancy

    Great idea! I just backed it. Thanks for the great info (as always).

  8. Clay

    Please, please, please tell me this is rechargeable and I don’t need to buy batteries for it!!!!

  9. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Clay – YES! It is rechargeable. Per the Kickstarter page:

    4. A High Power Rechargeable Lithium Ion Power Cell

    We wanted to be super small and as green as we could. No more buying and throwing away expensive batteries.

    Orp easily recharges with the Orp Power Pack (yeah, it’s just a USB cable with a micro USB plug).

    In our tests, the lithium ion power cell lasts 6 hours with the LEDs in the Constant-On Mode and up to 12 hours in the Slow-Strobing Mode. Actual battery life is dependent on usage and environmental conditions, so your results may vary.

    5. LED Battery Status Monitor

    A green light or red light will flash momentarily as you change between beacon light modes to indicate if your battery is good to go (green) or near dead (red).

  10. Von Ketelsen

    I’ve had good luck using the “Air Zzounds” bicycle air horn for the past six years. But this product looks very appealing. I hope to try it out!

  11. Pelle

    I like the idea. In my experience pedestrians get very confused when they hear a sound that doesn´t sound like a bike bell. Instead of taking a step to the side, they just stop. I think Orp should have a bike bell sound for the 76 dB. Then I will buy it.

  12. JIm

    when and were will we be able to purchase this light/horn?

  13. Elizabeth

    According the updates on the Kickstarter page, they are still in production mode — testing the first batch of samples produced. We’re eagerly awaiting our chance to test out this product, too!

  14. BikerNYC


    Depends on where you live. Here in NYC, bike bells vary widely.

    Really looking forward to this.

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