Happy birthday to our own Mir.I.Am!

Let’s all gather around our reuseable “virtual birthday cake” and wish Mir.I.Am a happy and healthy birthday:


Mir’s currently enjoying the sights and sounds down Argentina way…take a look at her last post for details of her latest two-wheeled adventures.

Happy birthday, Mir — we’re glad you’re with us!!!


  1. RL

    Yay! Mir.I.Am is one of my favorite writers here on BC. I love her style and humor. Happy Bday!

  2. BluesCat

    Happy Birthday, Mir. Yeah, I’m with RL about your style and humor.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Well, she’s WAY more entertaining than that Ghost Rider fella, I’ll give you that.

  4. meligrosa

    that is so cute, happy bday mir I AM

  5. Mir.I.Am

    Shmanks guys… gushy gush time… Let’s all ride virtual bikes together and bunny hop over that sweet purple bike cake!!!

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