Porteños on Bikes – a Photobarf just for you, Bike Commuters!

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Hey hey hey, bicipeeps. Just in case there are any readers out there who commute in the lovely city of crazy mad drivers in Buenos Aires, I wanted to give a shout out to all Porteños on bikes. Every man, woman, and poodle on a bike deserves a virtual high-five for transporting themselves around BA in (what I consider) the most smiley way possible. Let’s do a word association game for my thoughts on transit in Buenos Aires:

  1. Bus: Barf
  2. Subway: Humid Armpit
  3. Taxi: Hospital
  4. Motorcycle: Hospital
  5. Horse & Carriage: Horse Crap
  6. Walking: Dog Crap
  7. Bike: BLISS.

Well, I guess that solves it for me, bike = bliss in Buenos Aires. Check out these bicipeeps around the city in my photobarf just for you!

photo (6)

Bici sticker we saw on a bike tour.

photo (7)

Bike paths along the parks on Libertador, Boyfriend and I riding the Mejor en Bici bikes.

photo (5)

The famous UN plaza and the metal flower scuplture – FINAL DESTINATION!


Bike Love from Porteño artist “Mart”


Bikes parked outside the MALBA


Right by the Recoleta Mejor en Bici Station.

photo (9)

Action basket!!! Free Yellow Bikes!


Graffitti Panda Love for Mir.I.Am

photo (10)

Translation = One Less Car, Critical Mass

photo (8)

Bicipeeps in Buenos Aires

Hope you enjoyed, Bike Commuters. FYI, an update on Mejor en Bici, they recently changed the laws so tourists can also use the bikes for free! All you have to do is show up with your original passport, a copy of your passport, and register with one of the twenty-something Mejor en Bici stations in person (make sure you find a station with wifi). If anyone is around in Buenos Aires and knows about fun bike stuff, leave me some love in the comments box. Adventures and travels abroad with much bicibrazos, Mir.


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  1. BluesCat

    Hey, Mir. I’ve always been interested in how Americans are perceived … down at the street level, NOT at the “official” level.

    I don’t think you could get any more street level than bicycling around a city. What’s YOUR perception of how Americans are viewed there in Buenos Aires?

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