Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief: Review

Back in late 2012, the folks of Noxicare asked us to review their pain relief product. I agreed to the review on the simple fact that I’ve got some cycling related injuries where the pain never really went away.

Here are Noxicare’s selling points. You can see the natural ingredients HERE:

Noxicare™ means fast, natural pain relief with:

• NO known side effects
• NO prescription needed
• NO greasy feel or strong smell
• NO harmful chemicals
• NO lab-produced pharmaceuticals
• NO more pain

Price: 3.5 fl. oz (100ml) $26.95

Types of pain Noxicare works on:

One of my injuries was from a bad mountain bike crash I had in 2009. I was doing some downhill mountain biking and I went down hard. I tore my left calf muscle which ended up taking me out for the rest of the racing season. Since that injury, I will still feel pain on occasion. Sometimes I’ll wake up and it just hurts. Other times it comes on during a long ride.

Another injury I have is on the same leg but in my knee. I know I injured it years ago when I thought that doing skid stops on my fixie was cool. All that did was mess me up and years later I’m paying for it.
noxicare review

When I got the Noxicare, I was excited to see what kind of relief it would provide my injuries. As they claim, it’s odorless and not greasy. Their website says “Noxicare relaxes the muscle and reduces inflammation to alleviate pain, while working to increase blood flow to calm painful nerve endings.” I applied it to my affected areas to see if it would help lessen the pain.

Truth be told, I’m not really certain that Noxicare worked for me. Here’s what I mean: The pain I experience comes and goes throughout the day. It’s been like that for years and the only products that have worked for relief are Ibuprofen or Bengay. After applying Noxicare, I didn’t feel relief within 30-60 minutes. So I don’t know if using Noxicare gave me the placebo effect or not, but I’m just not convinced that it really did anything for me.

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  1. Graham

    Sounds like the new and improved version of Tiger Balm. I have no idea is Tiger Balm works (other than to remove ticks and chiggers) or if it is another case of placebo effect, but some people swear by it.

    For the uninitiated, Tiger Balm makes the contact area feel hot, which I think increases blood flow to the area, helping the body to essentially heal itself.

    I wonder if this stuff does something similar?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Tiger Balm works for ME!! As does the capsaicin (sp?) creams…

    It’s all temporary, though…for many people, the only way to really “heal” is a steady regimen of anti-inflammatories. If pain lingers for months, that suggests there’s something really wrong and should be checked by a doctor.

  3. RL

    Noxicare doesn’t heat up to indicate that something is happening.

  4. BluesCat

    Capsaicin creams don’t work for me, not because it doesn’t work to alleviate the pain, but because my skin is sensitive to it and it burns and itches after just brief contact.

    I wonder if this Noxicare is like Aspercreme? I can use Aspercreme, and it does work, but only after a few days of regular use.

  5. John

    I had no idea this stuff existed. Will try it out as I found this searching for a natural alternative to some minor pains I’ve been having. Bless you for sharing noxicare! Thank you!

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