Friday Musing: Regulators! How would you regulate on your city?

Hello hello from Buenos Aires again, bicikids. A group of friends and I (including my new pals Will and Robin from Biking Buenos Aires) were sitting around a salad pile at lunch yesterday, and we started musing about how we would regulate on the city to make bike commuting the ultimate BEST. Translation: if you were King in Da Castle in charge, what rules would you apply to your city as a bike-commuting all powerful ruler of the streets? Here are some reasonable (and unreasonable) regulations we came up with:

13 Ideas for 2013, as a Bici-Regulator:

  1. Install a “Bicipista” – like an autopista but instead of cars, only for bikes. It would stretch all across the city from Palermo to Belgrano to San Telmo.
  2. Put all the buses in the middle of the six-lane roads like the Metrobus in Mexico City, with footbridges to the bus stations at the median to keep the buses away from the bike lanes.                                                               
  3. Initiate a mandatory “bicisiesta”… if you ride your bike to work, you get a two-hour lunch, so you can eat and then have a siesta!
  4. Count the hours of your bike commute towards your 8 hour work day. Biking on the clock!
  5. Make a new rule that all apartment buildings should allow bikes in the lobby, so that residents don’t have to bring them up the elevator to store them in their apartments.
  6. All parking garages must provide secure 24 hour bike parking.
  7. Connect all bike trails to all schools: high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and universities. All bike paths should get the students where they need to go!
  8. “Bicibars” in the downtown areas: provide incentives for the bars to include bike parking and bike repair stations in the bars.
  9. Offer business incentives to make more bike kitchens and bike fixing collectives like La Fabricicleta.
  10. Let’s get harsh: Get rid of all street parking in downtown and replace it with separated bike lanes!
  11. “Bicitaxis”- illegal for taxis to cruise around certain parts of the city, so replace them all with bike taxis… hey if rickshaws work in India, this could work in Argentina, right?
  12. Replace city school buses with Bike buses, where the driver is the teacher, and all the kids pedal.
  13. Provide city wide showers, lockers, and changing rooms for all bike commuters so they can change before and after work.


I love lists, and I love Friday Musings. So, Bike Commuters, hit us up in the comments box if you’ve ever had some crazy ideas that you wanted to regulate in your city.


  1. RL

    Love the Borat photo. I also like this idea: Biking on the clock!

    Years ago, my commute was 1.5 hours each way. That would have been great to get off early each day.

    If I may suggest, some sort of bike workstand with tools available, perhaps placing them on or near a trail.

  2. Graham

    The students at my school nearly universally hate PE. So, if you bicycle to school you are excused from PE.

  3. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    @RL – love it. Bike Repair stands along trails throughout the city!

    @Graham – even better! Get the kiddies into it and hopefully they’ll grow up to be big-people bike commuters.

  4. Rogério Leite

    Wonderful ideas. I had made a translation and with some adaptation to my city reality and i’ll post in my blog next April,3th.

  5. BluesCat

    I’m with RL about #4. I could stretch my 8 mile commute out to an hour, so I’d only have to hang around the office for 6 hours. Does the hour siesta in #3 count as a “working hour”? Alright!! I could skip it, AND lunch, only work half-a-day and get paid for eight hours! Republicans are gonna HATE that idea … I LOVE IT!
    Here’s an additional idea:
    8a. Mandatory two-for-one drinks at the Bicibars for ALL bike commuters!

  6. Danny

    Yaaa! here is my local bike bar, get jealous everyone.. bikes, repairs, beers, coffee, and awesome people

  7. Emily

    Dude, the most obvs one, of course, revole around FOOD: have lots of roll-through foodie stops along main commuting routes where bicipeeps can nom on cappuccinos, bagels and c-nugs or pick up a quick post-ride treat to eat once they get to work. OR workplaces reward cyclists for their hard work with a mini breakfast buffet, available only until 9am so folks dont roll into work an hour late due to a long bike commute. (Sorry, I know that’s not awesome, but I like an early start and would want to be rewarded for it!)

  8. Mir.I.Am

    @Rogerio – Nice! Muito obrigada!

    @Danny… def jealous. Is it firstly a bike shop and secondly a bar? Or mostly a bike shop that happens to serve drinks?

    @Emily – I would eat me some mean b-fast buffet and coffee everyday after a bike commute. That would be a major perks/benefit that I will think about if I ever have employees one day!

  9. Nebraska Winters

    My city recently ground down all the tall sidewalk curbs and put in their place handi-cap ramps with traction plates. This is great for folks who want to bike on the side walk. No more bent rims.

    I have a friend whose health has been failing for some time. She needs to exercise but couldn’t previously do so much as walk because the curbs were too tall. Now with these ramps she’s not only walking more she considering a trike.

    Traffic is simply too fast for her to ever bike in as her reactions are heavily delayed. Our sidewalks are now perfect for her. I would certainly make these handicap curbs a must for every side walk.

  10. JaimeRoberto

    If I were the regulator I would have Kate Upton be my chauffeur while Sofia Vergara feeds me grapes in the rickshaw upholstered with fine Corinthian leather.

  11. Mir.I.Am

    @Nebraska – I’ll take a handicap access ramp over a curb hop any day!

    @Jaime – You win for most creative regulations in your city!!!

  12. DanD79

    Bike shops authorized to sell single use light anti-vehicle weapons. All regular cycling commuters authorized to expend 1-2/month, all other cyclists 1-2/year with no justification required.

    I figure it should cut down on thrown objects, shouting, and intentional close passes fairly quickly.

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