Happy Birthday, E!

happy bday E
Happy Birthday to our Bike Commuters staff writer: the lovely Elizabeth Adamczyk! We photoshopped this lovely bike birthday cake just for you. Bikey hugs to our favorite all-weather rider, and thanks for all of your hard work and advocacy as always… Cheers from Bike Commuters!


About the author

Bike monkey commuting in Honolulu, Hawaii - rain, shine, or tsunami! I don't have a car - if i did I would perpetuate Asian woman driver stereotypes.... so I stick to two wheels and bumming rides of friends, daBus, and the roomie's "Dingo" Jeep. Plus I am cheap (perpetuating other Chinese stereotypes) and green (perpetuating architectural obsession of this generation) and too lazy to work out a the gym! BIKES FOR LIFE!