Trek UK and Cyclismas launch “professional commuter racing team”!!!

In the “you can’t make this stuff up” category, or perhaps “fiction becomes reality”…or even a late April Fool’s-style story that turns out to be TRUE, we present to you the latest in commuter news. This thing reads like something straight out of The Onion, but it’s completely legit:

World’s First Professional Commuter Team Will Commute to Work Like A Boss

Trek UK has partnered with media empire Cyclismas to launch a new team of professional bike commuters who will compete on the streets and trails in the daily race to get to work.

The Trek-Cyclismas Professional Commuter Team (TCPCT) is a six-person team, consisting of three men and three women (all human), who commute to work by bike over a variety of distances and terrain. The team will be competing at the highest level of ‘getting to work’ sport, and will face competition from other ride-to-workers and Strava segment racers across the UK.

Read the rest of the story by clicking here.

You may remember we wrote about “Cat 6” racing a few years ago, and even before that had a guest author pen what is now a classic article about commuter racing.

We think this is a great idea — to bring commuter advocacy to the forefront with a little humor and the backing of some big names in the cycling industry. What do you think?


  1. RL

    Wow Jack this would have been perfect for you!

  2. Elizabeth

    Awesome… as long as it doesn’t encourage reckless commuting behavior.

    I’ll join the U.S. team. 😉

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