New Wool Cap Contest

You can win a brand new Wool Cycling Cap (size Larege/XL)! wool cap
To enter, upload a photo of your commuter bike onto our Facebook Fanpage by April 26th, 2013. Then our staff will vote on which bike is our favorite. We’re not looking for anything specific. But I do know our staff has a mix of what they think is a cool bike. We like fast road bikes, mountain bikes, single speeds, vintage bikes, Bakfiets, cargo bikes, Xtracycles, Trikes, E-bikes, bikes that have sweet lugs on the frame, pretty bikes, colorful bikes, Franken-bikes, pink bikes, purple bikes and even regular looking bikes!

Good luck!

We’ll announce a winner the following Monday.


  1. Tony

    Did this happen?

  2. RL

    Yes and we’ll be announcing the winner soon.

  3. Dan


    I haven’t seen any winner announced yet, and it’s June already.
    I hope the time and effort I and the others took to submit
    entries were not in vain. Hope this didn’t fall through the
    proverbial crack.

  4. Dan

    Disregard. I saw the post on facebook. It never came up on my facebook feed. Thanks for picking a winner.

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