National Bike Month is here!

Welcome to another edition of National Bike Month! Bike Month may not feel particularly special to those of us who are year-round commuters…however, this is a great time to encourage folks “on the fence” to give bike commuting a try.

Here’s a cute little video from the People For Bikes group to share:

You HAVE signed the People For Bikes pledge, haven’t you? If not, click here to add your name.


And, as always, the League of American Bicyclists has provided a handy web app to help you find bikey events in your area. Simply visit this page and fill in the form to find some great things going on this month.

Finally, if you’re new to commuting and new to this site, welcome! Please take a look around; we’ve got over seven years of articles to wade through in our archives…including tips and advice on just about anything you can imagine.

Happy two-wheeling, everyone!

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  1. Bob

    For the past year, I’ve been riding my bicycle to work, to run errands and to visit friends. There have only been 2 or 3 days where I drove my car to work because of icy road conditions. I’ve managed to do grocery shopping on my bike. I’ve visited friends in nearby towns riding my bike. I use my car only once or twice a month. In fact, I used my car so little that the battery drained. I now purposely run the car just to charge the battery when I don’t use the car for two weeks.
    I’m excited that May is national bike month. Let’s encourage others to commute by bike.

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