Coast-to-Coast Connector vetoed

Just the other day, I wrote about the proposed Coast-to-Coast Connector in Florida, which would link several regional trails and inject some tourism dollars into the state. Money was already earmarked for the projects, too…to the tune of $50 million.

It should come as no surprise, especially to our Florida readers, that Governor Rick Scott unleashed his formidable line-item veto to kill that (and $368 million additional) funding in the state budget:

One of Scott’s largest veto items: $50 million for the state’s Coast-to-Coast connector, a bike trail stretching from St. Petersburg to Titusville. Scott said the state’s ongoing transportation budget already includes more than $57 million in statewide funding for transit greenways and bike paths, and that the connector could be completed over time.

Read the full article by visiting the Tampa Bay Times page.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this — I knew this veto would occur, but I wonder if the existing transit funding mentioned will actually be used to help complete the Coast-to-Coast Connector. The sticking point in Scott’s use of the phrase “could be completed over time”. “Could” certainly doesn’t mean “WILL”, and over time could mean decades…long after Florida desperately needs tourism dollars.

Any Florida peeps want to chime in?


  1. BluesCat

    Scott is a Republican, a wealthy Republican to boot (the vast majority of them are), so we really can’t expect anything else.

    Republicans are totally deaf to the facts which indicate that every $1 spent on bike infrastructure can allow cities save as much $5 in hard and soft costs. That sets aside the whole issue of the tourism dollars which are gained.

    Very, very few Republicans — as they cruise around in their pickup trucks, huge SUV’s and limousines — view bicycles as viable transportation alternatives for Americans. In their minds, bicycles are ONLY for those people over in the Far East who labor for pennies a day to make cheap clothing for the wealthy merchants in the West. And bicycles are ONLY for those who come here illegally from south of The Border. And bicycles are ONLY for those hippie, pinko, Socialistic Democratic-leaning traitors who want to take away all of our guns. (roll eyes)

    This is the official BluesCat 2¢.

  2. David

    I hate to see this. I love living in Florida, but I feel like we’re so backwards here when it comes to bicycling infrastructure.

  3. Mir.I.Am

    Hmm, Boyfriend was suggesting Miami as our new “home base” in the future… The bike infrastructure will definitely be high on the priority list for our next location.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Don’t do it, Mir — while Miami has made great strides in developing bicycle infrastructure over the past 5-10 years, no amount of bike lanes can counteract the millions of assholes out driving the roads there. Miami routinely sits in the 1st or 2nd position for U.S. cities with the most aggressive drivers, and there’s a persistent rumor that up to 30% of Miami drivers DO NOT EVEN HAVE LICENSES.

    I can think of a hundred places I’d rather live.

  5. Raiyn

    Typical. Governor Lex Luthor (Scott) strikes again! You know he’s diverting the funds into his latest Kryptonite fueled scheme. Seriously though, WTF! C’mon Powerball, Mega Millions, FL Lottery, or random multi-million dollar idea I need ya NOW!

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