Bike Vending Machine – NYC Trippin’

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Hey Cycle Ladies and Gents. The boyfriend and I have finally made it back stateside for a quick stop in NYC before we bounce on over to Asheville, NC for the summer. While walking on my way to the metro with a friend, I spotted this supah-sweet-and-can’t-be-beat bike vending machine in (of course) Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Apparently, the bike vending machine is old news to the Brooklyn peeps, but definitely new news to Mir.I.Am! So I had to snap some photos and share. It reminded me of the bike repair themed vending machine that RL saw at the Propel biodiesel station in Fullerton. Like the Fullerton station, the 24-hour Bike Shop in Brooklyn is also equipped with some chained down tools and a floor pump.

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I didn’t get a chance to see if the hunk-a-junk is in working order as we walked at a New York pace to the metro stop. Plus, it seems the Traif Bike Gesheft (Non-kosher bike shop) that hosts the bike vending machine went belly-up awhile back. Any of you other commuters have these awesome 24-hour bike shops around your ‘hood? They seem pretty handy, but I usually carry a spare tube and a multi-tool in my commuter bag anyway. But for all you commuter junkies out there who just can’t make it through the night without a quick fix, scrape up some change, and slink over to the 24-hour Bike Shop on S. Sixth Street in BK.


  1. neil warner

    Cool as!

    Continental and Schwalbe have recycled cigarette machines filled with inner tubes. sadly over here you need planning permission to mount them and some mindless oik would trash them.

  2. bigbenaugust

    Asheville? You should come on over to Chapel Hill. We moved. 🙂

  3. Mir.I.Am

    @Neil: what the heck is a “mindless oik”?!
    @Ben: Chapel Hill, huh? I am car-free over here. These mountainy hills will take some getting used to after years of sea-level flat commuting. Can I visit by bike?!

  4. Graham

    Mir.I.Am – Flat enough for everyone here on the beaches of Morehead City. Sounds like a Mountain to Sea Ride is in your future!

  5. bigbenaugust

    I haven’t made it out that way yet, so I can’t speak for the riding. The rollers out here are plenty of fun on a singlespeed, though. 🙂

  6. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    You guys make me out to be some kind of touring bike lady. I’m a BIKE COMMUTER! This cycle lady likes to stay within a 10 mile radius of home. HA! Any Asheville readers out there, I’ve got a good article coming up on my sweet new Frankenride.

  7. Brian Gee

    Stop in Greenville, NC on your way to Morehead!

  8. bigbenaugust

    Wait, how did you get from HI to Costa Rica to BsAs to Asheville? Airplanes!?

  9. Mir.I.Am

    JET FUEL!!! Year of traveling, but SO happy I have a bike in AVL. No free public bike share here!

  10. bigbenaugust

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