A Cat Co-pilot

Here’s one to put smiles on your faces and ease you back into the workweek after a long Memorial Day weekend:

For bicyclist Rudi Saldia, you could say a cat is his co-pilot.

Saldia often buzzes around Philadelphia with his year-old feline Mary Jane perched on his shoulder. Their urban adventures have turned heads on the street and garnered big hits on YouTube.

The 26-year-old bike courier didn’t intend to become Internet-famous. He originally shot footage of the outings only to prove to his mom that he was taking Mary Jane – nicknamed MJ – for a spin.

Read the full article by visiting the AP Mobile page here. And, take a look at this video — MJ seems to be really enjoying herself!

I took my cats to the vet via Xtracycle…once — and they HATED it. This MJ is a pretty special animal, indeed.


  1. Raiyn

    Yeah…. my guys wouldn’t go for that either.

  2. BluesCat

    The cat who most likes to sit in my lap, and follow me out the door when I leave on my bike, is a 15 pound fellow named Mo. Definitely would not work for him. MJ is a realy cutie.

  3. Elizabeth

    I love this video… shared it with my colleagues last week when I first saw it. I’m surprised MJ hasn’t completely scratched Rudi’s shoulders to pieces from hanging on!

    I think I’ll stick with the “laptop” cat.

  4. Trisha

    I might have to go to Philly to steal that cat. 🙂

  5. Karen

    Love the connection between Rudi and MJ. They definitely love each other. I admit though that I’d worry about MJ’s safety on Rudi’s shoulders, unless she is secured in some way I can’t see. Of course, Daisy the Chihuahua sometimes travels in my pannier so I have no business lecturing.

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