A Cat Co-pilot

Here’s one to put smiles on your faces and ease you back into the workweek after a long Memorial Day weekend:

For bicyclist Rudi Saldia, you could say a cat is his co-pilot.

Saldia often buzzes around Philadelphia with his year-old feline Mary Jane perched on his shoulder. Their urban adventures have turned heads on the street and garnered big hits on YouTube.

The 26-year-old bike courier didn’t intend to become Internet-famous. He originally shot footage of the outings only to prove to his mom that he was taking Mary Jane – nicknamed MJ – for a spin.

Read the full article by visiting the AP Mobile page here. And, take a look at this video — MJ seems to be really enjoying herself!

I took my cats to the vet via Xtracycle…once — and they HATED it. This MJ is a pretty special animal, indeed.

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