Just got these in for testing: DZR White Shoes

The cool folks at DZR Shoes were kind enough to send me a pair of shoes to test. They sent me a catalog to choose from and this is what I picked, White. Ya, it’s called White. No other fancy names or numbers with it, just the color. When the package arrived, I was pleased to see that they put some thought in the design of the box itself. Those handles are shoe laces, cool eh. Makes me want to re-purpose this box as something I could carry my lunch in.

DZR Clever packaging. Never seen anything like that before.

Here’s what the White look like. Yes it is SPD compatible!

DZR White. Sharp looking shoes!

My favorite part of the shoe styling is the quilted section.

Since these are considered Urban Cycling Shoes, DZR thought ahead and placed reflective material on the back of the heel.


Reflective material, perfect for night riding.

I’m pretty impressed with my initial impressions of the DZR White. I’m looking forward to putting these shoes through the paces and see how they hold up.






  1. Ghost Rider

    That would actually be a “quilted” section, not pleated. Just so’s you know 😉

    They look very familiar to the Chrome shoes I am currently reviewing (‘cept mine are black).

  2. RL

    Yes GR! That was exactly what I meant. Thanks. Will correct it now.

  3. BluesCat

    Looks like when you put a set of SPD cleats on these, that you could actually WALK in them!

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