Review & a Giveaway: LUV Dream Flats


Hey *cycle* LADIES! (<— a la Beastie Boys.) Back in June, we were contacted by LUV Footwear to review their funky-colored, lightweight, multifunctional Dream Flats. An unusual suggestion for Bike Commuters product reviews, I know. But, I thought about the cross-section of my activities this summer (teaching, meetings with the City of Asheville, biking, walking, and wading in the river) and agreed immediately to test some kicks.

Here’s a peek at the product specs from their marketing specialist:

LUV Footwear presents the Dream Flat, a revolutionized ballerina flat that fuses artistic expression with anatomical performance.  The versatile Dream Flats deliver a kaleidoscope of colorful, stylish offerings with a comfort experience of athletic, weightless support.  LUV Footwear releases collectable, limited edition Dream Flats seasonally, each with its own fun, cute, and beautiful personality.

Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 1.56.10 PM

Distinctive Features:

  • Extremely light and flexible
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof, and they float
  • Anatomically shaped and supportive insole
  • Protective toe cap
  • Collectible, colorful designs released seasonally

Great For:

  • Kids
  • Travel
  • At the beach or park
  • Water sports
  • After running, cycling, or yoga
  • Gardening

Materials: EVA outsole, lycra upper

Retail price: $40 adults, $36 toddlers and youth

LUV Dream Flats come in a buttload of different colors, so many that it wracked my brain on which to choose… Since they rotate their patterns and colors every season, I thought I’d choose a solid, neon, and a patterned pair to try out for summer:

CameraAwesomePhoto (9)

From top to bottom: Metallic Pewter, Large Lunar Dot Grey, and Neon Blue

If I had to summarize the imdb movie blurb of the LUV Dream Flat, it’d go like this:


Dream Flats Movie

Dream Flats: a chickmance starring Julie Bowen and Kristen Wiig. Two friends throw caution to the wind and fulfill their childhood dreams of biking across the continent to open a white-water rafting shop in Costa Rica.

Okay, that was random. But, what I’m trying to say is that these shoes are amphibious, fun, and cuter on my foot than I expected. They’re like a bougie, more socially acceptable version of those Vibram foot-glove things. I could wear them biking (maybe not all the way to Costa Rica) and then jump in the water at my destination.

If I were Roger Ebert, I’d give the Dream Flats two thumbs-up for versatility! One day I biked uphill to work in them during a 15 minute summer rainstorm… and the flats looked better than the rest of my outfit when I arrived at the studio sopping wet! On the Fourth, I wore them to hike to the waterfalls, walk about downtown, and even biked to the bars for a 3 hour dance party.  Cute and comfortable, yet sturdy enough to kick in some good pedal power.

And if I had to throw rotten tomatoes, I’d say the only downfall is that the inner lining becomes loose under the toes after several wears in and out of the river. They do take a bit of breaking in, but no blisters necessary. The 37 was perfect for my size 6.5-7 ducky foot after a good 8 hours in the Dream Flat.

For 40 bucks a pop, these Dream Flats are everything they claim to be. Here’s a Mir.I.Am dorkin’ about town slideshow for those of you who wanna judge for yourself if these look good on your feet:

And if you want some goodies, and you’re the type of cycle lady to cruise the streets despite the summer rains, the LUV Dream Flats can take you from office to kayak with a bit of style. Would you rock flats over clips like Hannah, Karen, or Dottie? Until the end of July 2013, enter the promo code “BikeCommuters” to save 20% off at LUV footwear online.

Wanna get a free pair of chickmance Dream Flats for some summer pedal power? How about a Bike Commuters + LUV giveaway? Just follow these steps:

  1. Leave a comment below describing your favorite pair of kicks for summer bike commuting.
  2. Head over to LUV Footwear’s facebook and sign up for the mailing list.

We will select a winner based on our favorite comment from today’s post and send you a promo code to use for one free pair of LUV Dream Flats! Contest ends at 12:00 Noon EST, July 31, 2013.

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  1. Ghost Rider

    My contest-winning comment:

    do they come in men’s sizes?

  2. Katie

    My favorite shoes to ride in are my Chuck Taylor’s. I purchased them in college (so at least 8 years ago) and they are looking ROUGH but sockless, they are so comfy for riding – grippy enough to not slip off the pedals but still lightweight. I even biked a century in them last Fall :).

  3. elisa m

    My favorite summer (aka, rainy season) cycling shoes are chacos. But these look so much cuter for meetings and dinners!

  4. BluesCat

    I ride with clipless pedals, so I don’t think the LUVs would work for me. Also, for walking, I must have a pair of shoes whose sole flexes only at the toes. Again, it doesn’t appear that the LUVs fit the bill.
    Oh, yeah, and to paraphrase the State Farm commercial: “Yeah, well, I’m a guy … so …”

  5. Ghost Rider

    There are some shoes that might help BluesCat on the following page:

    I am thinking the hot-pink stripper heels.

  6. jengalaxy

    Holy moly these are exactly what I’ve been looking for!!… I love the GOLD ones!!!!

  7. BluesCat

    GR – Oo, oo! That might just do it … wait a minute … naw, those are more like road pedals rather than walkables. Also, hot pink don’t match my eye shadow.
    Speaking of walkable bike shoes, though, I’ve recently acquired a pair of SPD compatible shoes which seem to be shoes you can actually stroll around in for the whole day. Stay tuned.

  8. RL

    Ooooh I want to win! For my wife of course!

  9. Mir.I.Am

    @elisa m – Exactly! They serve the same function as Chacos but with ballet flat style. They stay on your feet pretty well too…

    @jengalaxy – tell us about your favorite shoes for summer cycling and may the best comment WIN a free pair!

  10. Emily

    My favorite pair of kicks for summertime bike commuting? My flippeh floppehs made by the one-armed man. Seriously, I know this is risky and have lots of black and blue/knotted and scarred shins to show for it, but they’re so easy to slip off and on and they take up very little room in my bag when I change into fancy schmancy shoes at work. They also have arch support, Vibram soles and doubly-reinforced leather straps that withstand the drench of summer showers, sprinkler’d sidewalks, you know…

    And, no joke, they’re the work of this dude who lost his arm in a ridiculous car accident that almost claimed his life, so they’re like miracle shoes. That I bought at a craft fair. While drinking sarsaparilla. So they’re pretty special.

    But they’re probably not the best for biking. Bring on the LUV!

  11. Toby

    These look so stylish that on my ride,
    I’d have many pairs in my pack,
    but I’d start off my journey, though,

  12. Lisa

    I love that these are pretty but also functional and supportive. Most shoes of this style aren’t sturdy at all. I just wear loafer-style (like Vans) sneakers for bike commuting and keep my work shoes at work, but these would be great for both! They go with everything, both casual and a little dressier, and I like that they hold up in the inclement weather. When it rains often (it’s been raining literally every day here for weeks) all of my shoes get wet and can’t be worn the next day, but these being waterproof are ideal! Wow- I am excited about these shoes. 🙂

  13. Joslin

    I’d like to try these-hoping they come in a 35. I have worn a pair of discontinued keen sandals for the last three years…and they’re falling apart. I love anything that can be thrown in the wash and preferably looks okay at a bar or at work 😉 thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  14. Becky Katz

    Love these shoes and they look more comfortable to wear then any flats I own! I currently wear a pair of boots because I enjoy biking with a slight heel. I wedge the pedal up against the heel and it feels great.

  15. Seda

    I love riding in my Vans, both my low cut classics and my half cabs. I like having a nice semi-rigid sole that I can walk around in comfortably after riding.

  16. Melissa C.

    I’m just getting into biking so I typically wear my mary jane style crocs. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  17. Hannah

    Cute shoes! I like to bike wearing my blue canvas bal sneakers from Payless (without socks)… They have a relatively short lifespan; after a couple months they get holes in the front where my big toes touch. I’ve gone through several pairs already. But hey, they’re comfy and cute while they last.

  18. Kim

    My favorite shoes for biking are my Chrome tennies. I’ve been wearing them for 4 years straight. They are great, but I would love a pair of these for riding in summer and fall when the Chrome shoes are a bit too bulky and black and hot. I ride to work, so these would really be great. (Yes, that’s ass-kissing). Thanks

  19. Sue

    Those are adorable! They look perfect for the commute or a quick ride up to the store. Or anything, really.

  20. HilLesha

    I love wearing Chuck Taylor’s. 🙂

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