Friday Musings: “It must have been your fault. C’mon. You are a biker.”

Here’s one we hope will get the conversation started on this lovely Friday — a tale of a wronged cyclist forced to defend himself with video footage available all along to law enforcement folks:

Getting in a crash is one of the scariest things that can happen to a cyclist. Even worse is when police assume that bicyclists are always at fault, even if they’ve got evidence to the contrary.

Read the full account by visiting the Greater Greater Washington website.

We’ve long talked about inaccurate reporting (by the media AND by law enforcement) in bicycle/motor vehicle collisions, and we’ve also discussed recording your every move with personal camcorders. It’s a shame that we have to resort to being our own detectives after a crash…but it’s been made clear time and time again that the law is not often on our side, even when we’re in the right.

Happily, in the story above, the author successfully defended his actions on the road.

Do you have any similar stories to share? Any thoughts on additional steps we can take to protect/defend ourselves on the streets of our cities? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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  1. BluesCat

    My story is a classic about police officers not having a clue about the rights of bicyclists on the road: A Real Jaw Dropper. Briefly, I was at a stop sign on my bike, waiting for traffic to clear so I could cross the street. A cop pulled up behind me, honked his horn, and motioned me over to the side. He then pulled up next to me and told me I “didn’t belong out there” in the traffic lane! In the next hour, I spoke with three representatives of the Phoenix PD who did not have a clue about Arizona Revised Statute §28-812, which gives bicyclists the same rights to the road as motor vehicles.
    Eventually, over a month later, I spoke with the guy’s precinct commander: Altercation With a Motorist. Even HE didn’t know about ARS §28-812.
    I guess the moral of the story is: make sure YOU know the law, because even the gendarmes may NOT! In with the tools on all of my bikes, I carry a little printout of all of the Arizona traffic laws regarding bicycles.

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